Controller not working.

My gamepad was working fine yesterday morning and now I get nothing. Tried different gamepads with the same result. All 3 controllers work with other games so this seems to be a PSO issue.

Same here, I'm using XBOX One controller, the other games are fine, just PSO2.

Same, with a 360 controller. Worked for PSO2 earlier today (and about 150 hours total); still works for all other games. Tried rebooting PC, turning PC off & on, using different controllers, different USB ports, uninstalling and reinstalling controllers in Device Manager, uninstalling and reinstalling PSO2... nothing worked.

@Baker-JL @Damaldo plz check to make sure your imput for the game is set for controller as might have changed imputs from controller to keyboard an mouse.

check the input order of the devices in some games if the controller is not in the first input it will not recognize it and PSO2 is one of those games, a way to reset the input order is to remove the drivers of the controller and put then back

tried this as i am seeing the same issue on an xbox one controller. No luck unfortunately. I hope that the support team sees this thread soon.

@ShadowBlood89 Thanks for the suggestions! I'd made sure it was the first input, and even plugged in four Xbox controllers (so lights 1-4 were all lit) and tried each of them; no result. Also changed primary control method from controller to keyboard and back several times to no effect. There's zero input.

@Damaldo In the end, a System Restore to the 16th fixed it (after trying everything else, including reinstalling drivers, etc. as noted above). Would love to find a better way to fix ONE game not accepting controller input (everything else -- Steam and non-Steam -- worked just fine) than a full restore... as I suspect it'll happen again.

@Damaldo ...never mind, it stopped working again after about 3 minutes. Oh, well.

found this solution on the steam forums for PSO2 and this worked for me on a usb xbox one gamepad. If running the game through steam, check and make sure you are opted OUT of the steam beta.