A few questions:

Hello, so I am trying out long distance combat with ranger/gunners and doing some research I have learned some things: I like glass cannons so Fighters are the way to go as a subclass for either ranger or gunner? I do not understand this. How could a fighter add more ranged strength being melee? Doesn't it just add melee strength? I would think ranger/gunner would be the best.

Also, I put burn 1 on my assault rifle weapon. I have heard that thats all you need and that the higher burn levels are unnecessary and they just last longer and do somewhat more damage. It's really hard to affix a high level status effect to a weapon, any help there?

Also, how do I know my burn is working? Does it just automatically apply even if I don't see them on fire?


fighter bonus are not restrained to only melee damage, their bonus are applied when you have the requirement for activating then, for example the halfline slayer will only activate when you have half of your hp or lower and gives directly melee, ranged and tech bonus at the same time and brave stance if is level 10 will give you 140% bonus damage if you are attacking the front part of a enemy, thats how fighter works.

with negative stats like burn you can see when they work just looking at the target, burn makes the target being burned by fire so he will be covered with fire

Ok, so I need those passives with fighter then? Is there a site that could recommend some good ones to use with Ra/Gu?

Ok well I figured they would be getting burnt just like you said. Was I wrong to put burn 1 on my gun? Does it actually matter more than I thought to have a burn V?

What is the best way to get burn V then as an affix? I tried for burn V but with 3 fodders it was still at less than 50% I think. (it was something very low)


if you want a build in what to invest just search in the internet that is pretty easy to find a build, there are tons of then for every single class

burn in the begining is useful but to high level parts it will make almost no damage so if you want to use it go ahead but unless you are trying to use fighter bonus on enemies with effects is better to just go for panic or frost that are pretty useful in some UQ