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The only real questions I have so far would have been related to the nature of the subpalette and the way controls on the controller work.

  • Are there plans on implementing an easier way for controller-users to access the subpalette menu? By default you have to use the D-Pad to scroll through to the item you want and press a separate button in order to use the highlighted item. On my end due to playing games like Dragon's Dogma and Dragon's Dogma Online, my L1 button (from the PlayStation context) is unmapped so I can use it as a "Subpalette" access button similarly to how the Back Palette command access the weapon's other photon arts/techniques mapped to it. I would love to see native support for something like this for console players so they too can use the subpalette with relative ease for additional mappings.

  • Will there be support for "overloading" control mappings or having more flexible forms of input? On Phantasy Star Nova and Phantasy Star Online 2 (Vita) there was an optional mapping for the dodge button that allowed it to be "Movement + O" so that you were able to still interact with items and still dodge when needed. I would love to see this support return and expanded upon so when mapping controls we can use button combinations such as my preferred "R1 + X/Cross" to utilize the Dodge Action without having to resort to Steam Input to bring that functionality.

  • Will the equivalent of Complex Photon Arts (they have been demonstrated and shown in New Genesis), Photon Blasts and Dark Blasts be possible to access via controller input combinations as a sort of "super attack" in some way? This means that as an input you can rebind the command on keyboard/mouse and controller to whatever you would like so that you potentially can free up space on the subpalette and have relatively easy access to these mechanics without having to scroll though other subpalettes or other items for it. An example would be pressing something like L3 + R3 to activate the equivalent of "Imperial Cleave" for the Hunter when it is ready.

  • Will Stances be present at all? I feel that the active stances were a nuisance to handle because many other games (like Dragon's Dogma Online to which I have very heavy biases towards) have tackled this particular mechanic in such an automatic way that it does not interrupt the flow of gameplay for the player. In that game (similarly to Phantasy Star Nova's Skill Grid mechanic) players will unlock "Core Skills" that are always accessible for their class and then can customize their layout of Custom Skills (Photon Arts and Techniques in the context of Phantasy Star Online 2) to customize their actual attack layout, and then can lastly customize their layout of Augments which are skills unlocked via leveling up a specific class. In Phantasy Star Nova leveling up the Hunter would unlock a range of skills focused around melee combat and eventually toward the Hunter's equipment that can be equipped onto the Skill Board. There was no reason to use "Equip: Swords" as a Hunter as it was an innate skill for them. However, if you played as the Ranger or the Force this skill allowed you to pick up the Swords and its photon arts - of course at the cost of taking up a slot on the Skill Grid. This was a flexible feature that largely featured passive skills that allowed you to flesh out and build out your passive playstyle and included stances though they were optional and of limited use compared to how they are in Phantasy Star Online 2. In comparison to Dragon's Dogma Online, augments tend to vary between weapons and usefulness but are universal so once you learn a high-health skill that grants you a damage bonus you can equip it onto your list of augments and utilize other similar skills to create and flesh out your "High Health" build. You can do the same for a low-health build and utilize that in combination with other augments that modify and tweak aspects of your playstyle (which ranges to things like extra conditional damage boosts, unconditional gameplay conveniences, and class-related mechanics being altered or given a twist). I would love to see this system or something like it replace the current Skill Trees which I find to be highly messy to work with in comparison as Dragon's Dogma Online lets you unlock and upgrade "every" skill but you definitely cannot use them all at once whereas in Phantasy Star Online 2 you cannot unlock them all, upgrade them all, or even use all of them at once due to limitations on the likes of the subpalettes, the weapon palettes, and the lack of skill points to unlock everything.

  • Will classes be allowed to engage in a larger variety of playstyles? My main gripe with classes like the Ranger is that they had skills like "Standing Snipe" and "Moving Snipe" that were both redundant and did not line up with one another. This meant that for Rangers to play to their best they had to be standing still and in the context of Episode 5 and Episode 6 gameplay without a subclass like the Etoile to support them this forced players to play sub-optimally or to be punished for trying to play to a class mechanic that has since been left in the dust. I do not believe that "Weak Bullet/Blight Rounds" is a suitable argument or trade for a Ranger not being able to engage in a more freeform style of gameplay. With the gameplay for the Ranger shown in New Genesis having much more mobility I am interested to see what else the Ranger is capable of - so my point extends to classes like the Fighter who had weapons that greatly restricted their playstyles. The Fighter skill tree focused extensively on low-health gameplay, being put into very dangerous situations, and also being stuck to specific positioning options. I enjoy the feel of the Twin Daggers but I cannot bring myself to justify that they are "only" effective in the air as are the knuckles "only" effective on the ground. Similarly, the Double Saber ends up being a middleground weapon that simply catches what the other two do not and the nature of the Fighter ends up being that I find myself questioning why the Fighter is restrictive in its use of multiple weapons when every other class (Hunter, Ranger, Force, Gunner, Techer, Braver, Bouncer, Summoner, Hero, Phantom, Etoile, and even the Luster) allows the use of multiple weapons without impeding one another.

  • In regards to connection issues, is there a possibility of creating a net of some sort that can catch players who disconnect due to something like [Error 630]? Games like Dragon's Dogma Online and Warframe have a system in place where players who briefly disconnect can rejoin the session where things have left off so they don't completely miss out and have to rebuild a session or sit out because they are incapable of joining again.

  • Will it be possible to see an extension of the Universal Ship to allow for matchmaking in game modes or content that may be dated? For example, Buster Quests, Endless Quests, Advance Quests, Ultimate Quests, and Extreme Quests are all content on the local ships that vary from being very busy to not at all. When the global version gets Divide Quests and the fourth Featured Quest I would anticipate that most of this is going to be "dead" like it is in the Japanese version where it will only be run when someone has it as a Weekly Mission or as part of a Limited-Time Campaign. I feel it should be possible for those interested to still participate in these by finding players from other ships for those still interested. However, I would much rather see multiple quest types become integrated with one another rather than to continue sectioning and splitting off the content into more pieces like it currently is (in that sense a lot of "dead" content islands).

I made an entire thread about it:
But this goes to the Story sections: Will the NPC aliens like Draconians, Lilipans, and Daybreakers be part of the new ARKs ecosystem?... Will they ever be a part of the new ARKs?

Also will we have allies in NGS?

One more thing: How do MPA and Solo maps work?

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