Is shorter height behind a paywall?

Screenshot (22).png Screenshot (27).png

I bought youth attire and noticed my character is smaller than the original height when I created my character.

Outfits generally change height and the only way to see your true height is to switch down to innerwear. Many outfits add a considerable amount of height as well while some outfits don't add height at all.

Edit: Here's what I mean, this is my height in the Blooming Maiden [Ba] and then the height in the innerwear: pso20200727_141914_000.png pso20200727_141917_001.png

@Ganguro As @TsundereMuse said, height takes your outfits into consideration, so the displayed height value will be higher for outfits that have heels.

Somewhat related but NA height also has a restriction on it. If your coming from JP and confused why your character is not as small or tall it is on the JP server its because the NA Devs decided to impose a new rule saying your characters cannot fall below or above a certain height amount for who knows what reason.

It's normal I cant find any minisuit ?

@Lolicon Thank to the censorship.