So Mags in New Genesis

The announcement has me wondering. Apparently Mags won't be performing support actions or raise your stats and only their evolution devices carry over. Soo...what do they do then? It sounds like they're just going to be a glorified accessory or there is some new functionality.

they will still use Photon Blast that is being their main function since PSO, they probably will change the way mags work because they had being pretty important

It would be cool if Mags gave you new actions you could perform or like they augment your Photon Arts, Glide, and Dash. But I dread the possibility that they will just be a glorified Blast engine. I find it worrying that they no longer increase your stats.

I prefer they won't give stats anymore, that way you can build your mag the way you want and not build this exactly way to be able to use weapons, they will still affect your damage after all mags are part of your gear but in the moment the only we can do is wait to know how they will work


We don't know anything beyond that yet.

@Jamesmor said in So Mags in New Genesis:

they will still use Photon Blast that is being their main function since PSO, they probably will change the way mags work because they had being pretty important

I hope so.

@Redex In the trailer it shows the photon blast being used by the player, it's kind of like a super move now. But yea, I'm wracking my brain trying to think how they're going to be used. It would make sense if they act more like ghosts from Destiny but that would be a bummer relegated them to that.


Yeah, I stated my feelings on that in another NG post..

sounds 'interesting' to say the very least.

Maybe mags will be what you equip your units to. Perhaps alter how the mag will look?

noooo oooonnnnee knooooowwwss yeeeeeetttttt 🙂

I was hoping PSO2 would see the return of the old "Sita" mag from classic GC/DC PSO. but came here cause I was kinda saddened to hear that mags would no longer effect stats.

I loved Sega as a kid and am hopeful whatever they decide to do with PSO:NGS. but if mag are reduced to cosmetic (PB) only, i might make mine invisible cause i miss those beautiful Sita >.< (twin mag)


There's still a lot of time for things to be potentially re-worked and thought out by the Devs, they could feel the urge to make many adjustments or changes to the game overall maybe including Mags to bring them back to their state of origin. So.. currently I'm not overly worried about it, I'll try not to be unless future beta testers start complaining about whatever the issues maybe.

I am still hopeful that mags are something besides cosmetics. Since they (look like) are doing something that looks more monster hunter esque, maybe the mag will have other functionalities like the slinger did in monster hunter. Like, not only will it activate Photon blasts, but it will have special abilities like the heals, invisibility, and more ... perhaps even unique ways to interact with the environment. Only time will tell.


I might be remembering this entirely wrong, however..

I think in Phantasy Star Ø they had it set so that your companions could be used to hold items in storage. Perhaps Mags this time will be used for an additional storage option even. (on top of character storage/premium/etc) More storage is always awesome.

(holding gear probably wouldn't be practical for a Mag so limited to grinders and fluids that sort of thing I would think)

Yeah though, we'll have to wait and see.

I was planning to buy mags before the NGS Announcement. Now, I'm not so sure. I guess I'll just wait for more info

What if your mags new function, is to transform into a personal AIS. Each one different based on the way you evolved it. Sounds ridiculous, I know. But with how little we know, anything's possible, so I thought I'd have some imaginitave fun.