if i delete a character that used a consumable cosmetic, does the cosmetic still count toward the account unlock

i have decided to delete a character that i had used a cosmetic item on. the thought crossed my mind on if it would still count the using of the cosmetic (in this case the marine cap) for the account wide unlock, or if it does not count because the character was deleted.

if you unlocked it for your entire account it will remain unlocked for said account

@JuggernautGTX my wording might have been a little messed up there, i was meaning i only have used the marine cap once,and wanted to know if it would still count for part of the account wide unlock

@KotNxr3c0n if you deleted the character (using it once) you have to use it twice on another - ea you will see the status "bound to another character" if you try to use it on some character wich you dont own the item yet - if you delete the character you used it on the status "bound to another character" will dissapear

@JuggernautGTX thank you, i guessed that is how it would be but figured might as well check.