Second time in a row that I purchased AC and it would not go through

I purchased AC once, didnt recieve it, made a request (37338), it went unresolved and unanswered for months. Now I gave it another chance, but it failed again. Made a new request (52864). I've been cheated out of $15 total. Microsoft recommend I contact sega so here I am. My entire alliance and their friends are not going to buy AC because I warned them and some have been cheated themselves.

This is a general discussion forum. I assume this is not the right place to contact Sega in this issue... 🙄 i suggest you post it here - also add your payment method and were exactly you purchased the ac (browser store app etc) had alliance members who bought their ac for a different account (did not check on wich account they were logged in)- in this case you have to contact sega and ask for ac transfer

I bought AC to the wrong email account, and asked for transfer, they said I had to just get a refund and buy it again to the right account. (If that is the case for you) Good luck.

@Dacruea-Xikuuze use Paypal. Trust me on this guarantees that if you do not receive what you pay for you get your money back.

Did you buy it on the right email? I accidentally bought Ac on the wrong email thinking I didn't receive it. I did but it's just on the other account.

@Ganguro it was on xbox. I was the only account logged in

@Dacruea-Xikuuze that is strange. I have not experienced a store purchase not crediting me on any Xbox game in general, it is typically instantaneous. Is it already taken from your bank? I would connect the dots so that if you need to, you could eventually go for a charge back if there is no resolution. If it was never credited to your account there shouldn't be a risk of getting banned from the storefront.

Did Microsoft confirm it was purchased through them on your proper account?

@John-Paul-RAGE every other store purchase works fine. It's literally just this one. Buying ac is a hit or miss. It either comes or it doesnt, twice already, it hasnt

What did Microsoft Support say?

I've never had any issues locally or through xbox cards. Sounds like you do it wrong.