Please get rid of the gold bots.

I know there is multiple topics on this, let me start off by suggesting level gates to entering blocks. I know right now there is free experience tickets going around, but can we try slow by making special blocks for new characters where you can't leave till like level 40. For legitimate players with friends it is easy enough for friends to come in and help someone level. But no one like these bots coming in 2 - 6, I did say six, at a time spamming to buy gold at some website. I say make it harder for these bots to make it around and hopefully the time it takes to get a character out just to spam about gold and get banned won't be worth it as much.

@Mysteryman200 I know and really understand your feel so much bro. come to see my Forum : then you will know What i'm i doing?. You can help me to do it too. ^^ When you meet it.

There's no way to remove bots from online games, otherwise they would all be bot-free already. Bots can level up, and the people in charge of them can spend money for premium. Literally nothing outside of players never buying money from those sites will work.