Lip Sync

Please lip sync the voice acting and fix whatever is making the eyebrows move with every mouth movement. It's really really jarring. If you need a video of what I'm talking about, here it is:

There's also several instances I encountered where an English voiceover was unable to finish before the scene just ended on its own. I'm assuming it's because the spoken dialogue in those moments is more brief in Japanese, but this still needs to be fixed. I only found this issue in certain story mode scenes (so if you didn't play that, you probably didn't see this issue).

Just a heads up, the issue of characters mouth still moving after they finished speaking or when they take pauses is also present in the Japanese version. I believe around Episode 5-6 is when Voice and Mouth movement syncs up a bit better.

Other than that while we are on this topic there's also the issue of voices not lining up with actions as can be seen here:

Given this issue is present in the Japanese version though, im not sure how much they might be able to do on it though...

It isn't easy. I've played JP dub this CBT and that mouth was still moving even when the dialogue ended. So if anything, I'd just say the animators in the game didn't really consider that much.

I agree to this.

lip sync is pretty bad, i play with jp dialogue and it doesn't match up at all

@Kurumi-Tokisaki said in Lip Sync:

lip sync is pretty bad, i play with jp dialogue and it doesn't match up at all

None of the voicing, JP or EN was lip synced. This was an issue because of their graphics engine at the time.

This shouldn't been in question when there is lip flaps for when characters flat out only say "..."

Well, we will be getting a graphic update next year, so hopefully that will fix this issue.