Error 630

I’ve had Error 630 occur every other Apprentice UQ, in some Ultimate quests and in some Time Attacks, how do I fix this? I have a wired connection and this has only started since the maintenance last Tuesday...

@Halp I have had the same problem sent a support ticket but all i have received in reply looked like a bot message asking for more details. Have not had any reply since. I reserved an ip for my xbox, port forwarded xbox live, manually set the port in the xbox options . Nothing helped. I even tried turning down all the graphics options, it didn't help. I even watched the game traffic in my router which is barely near .6mbps and even when traffic spiked it was nowhere near my average iternet speed. If you find any info please let me know tired of the random drops during aq and challenge quests.

Welcome to the club. I had this problem start up when i first started playing this mess but only on the NA version and i can tell you it is not your connection. This problem is on pso side.