Separate forum for New Genesis

A couple days after its announcement the General Discussion section is still getting swamped with a lot of speculation about New Genesis which is not set to be released for at least another 5 months.

Any actual general discussion about the game as it is right now is quickly being buried beneath these topics. Once or twice now I have seen people making a topic about the present state of the game - discussing a events or campaigns that are ongoing right now - that duplicated a topic made a couple of hours prior which had already fallen off page 1 thanks to all the NG topics.

Considering how far off it is, how all of the information is vague and almost all of the discussion is guesswork, can we please have a separated New Genesis forum section so the more relevant matters to the game now aren't buried?


Yes please. This is getting kind of ridiculous.

+1 to this. I don't mind the discourse on the new game, but it shouldn't completely overshadow the current game discussion. A new section would fix this easily.

I agree to this as well.

Hi all, yes, I'll do this.

Much appreciated!