FOMO Watch - 29 to 31 July 2020

We have a few mixed ending times in the week ahead, so I'll try to roll them all up into one FOMO Watch topic:

Note: To my knowledge, there are no Visiphone-distributed rewards from previous campaigns in the coming week (which makes sense as there is no maintenance).

AC Scratch Ticket: Chevalier Line

AC Scratch Ticket: Blessed World

Two AC Scratch sets are departing at 23:00 PDT on 28 July, leaving us with only Silken Dreams and Shining Heroes.

The Konosuba collaboration may be worth additional mention for involving a license that might make it less likely to return at a future date than other AC scratch sets.

FUN Scratch Ticket: July 2020 - Part 2

Departing at 23:00 PDT on 28 July.

As FUN cycles on half-replacements, everything that is also included in July 2020 Part 1 is likely to depart.

  • For FUN emote collectors, this means 14: Play Ball.
  • For FUN music disk collectors, this means Mothership - Interior, Harukotan - Emergency Trial and Casino Lounge.
  • For FUN furnishing collectors, this means the Sports and Fancy sets.
  • For FUN scenery collectors, this means Floating Continent.
  • For FUN theme collectors, this means Fancy Theme.

Campaign: Daily Log-in Rewards! (7/22)

The last of the ten EXP 100,000 Tickets will stop being given out at 00:59 PDT on 29 July. All rewards are distributed to players' Visiphones.

Campaign: Clear Ultimate Quests

The campaign ends at 00:59 PDT on 29 July. It has two rewards:

  • +100% Rare Drop Rate in Corruption Investigation: Naverius
  • Clear Corruption Investigation: Naverius 3 times for SG 20 Ticket x1, distributed to the Visiphone immediately.
  • Clear Corruption Investigation: Naverius 5 times for SG 20 Ticket x1, distributed to the Visiphone immediately.

Last Chance to Grab the Ragol Fashion Pack!

The Ragol Fasion Pack is departing at 23:59 PDT on 31 July. This is bought from the Microsoft Store and delivered to the Visiphone immediately on purchase.

It is exceptionally unlikely but possible that the Ragol Memory exchange from Nanon will disappear at this time. I say it is unlikely because we have not been told the Sonic Collaboration Pack is departing and that also provides 5 Ragol Memory. Moreover to my knowledge Nanon still offers the Ragol Memory exchange on JP despite Ragol Memory not having been distributed for years.

Thanks to all the New Genesis topics this almost got smacked down to page 3 and I doubt anyone saw it, so with about 32 hours left before half of these deadlines I'm bumping the topic.