[Ship 1] Honors - Accepting Merges, Active Members | Discord - Respectful, Semi-Casual, Fashion, End-Game

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                 **Honors (aka Team Honors)**

The site has this same information and more: https://teamhonors.com/pso2

UPDATE: We are/have merged/moved into the alliance called Team Happy, and Honors will be saved as a HOLDER/SISTER alliance if the core alliance grows, thank you for your interest 🙂 If you are still interested in joining, please seek a Team Happy Officer in Block 14.

OVERVIEW: Honors (Team Honor) is a friendly and welcoming mature group of players looking to recruit or merge with other alliances with similar goals for PSO2 and PSO2 NG. Additionally, I won't be extremely detailed on this post because we have a site (is not made with Wix, WordPress, or any site builders, so we can also develop additional things just for the team in the future) and discord with more information, but generally, we are a fashion and end-game, focused team.

CURRENT STATS: Current Tree: lv7 ATK and RDR, and lv3 everything else. Activity: Daily: ~5+ - sometimes over 15. We also have events for members only to participate in to win either cash or in-game prizes and swag.

WHO WE ARE LOOKING FOR: We are looking for other individuals who are willing to learn the game in an efficient manner and have fun (no focus on rankings, only growth as a whole, and using rankings as a KPI is eventually a downfall, look at the economy). We would prefer it if the player is on PC for more stable communication because we have a lit Discord server (hotter than AC scratch).

ADDITIONAL: In regards to merges and adopting groups, we would like to discuss if you want to come to merge with us (we will talk on Discord to properly execute the merge) or we should merge with your alliance (if you are the leader). Furthermore, Team Honors plans to continue playing vanilla and NG PSO2 as long as possible. If you are also considering looking for more people to play with and value quality and good communication, then come try us out.

About the name, in-game the alliance is called Honors, however, the domain names were taken so we will go by Team Honors (s). More information here: https://teamhonors.com/pso2 (it's good for a start)

Also, if you are also an alliance leader and want to become our Friend & Sister Alliance, please let us or any of the below know. Currently, we have two Friend and Sister Alliances with us and it helps to play with more people that understand the game's mechanics and features well.

If you like what you see please contact any of the following via discord:

biggs5878 #5878

Vangel0 #7450

LeBarcode #4650

Tito Hanks #3565

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