Hello! Are you looking for a alliance where you can hang out? Look no further! We are a casual guild, where we can have fun! It does not matter if your good, bad, or indifferent. Come Chill with us have a good time!

If it that isn't enough These are our alliance Current Stats:

  • Alliance Level: 5

  • About 10-12 active members

  • Discord Channel is available

  • Attack up: Lv 3

  • Defense up: lv 4

  • lEarned Exp up: lv 4

  • lEarned Mesata: lv 3

  • Rare drop rate up: Lv 5

How to contact us:

*You can contact our leader or one of our officers here:

  • Discord message:

  • Nurana#9303

  • Makai#2770

  • a dumb weeb#4220


  • Makai

  • JootStar

  • Vysa

Or you can just post right here! Last but not least, be a bit social, you don't have to, or if you want to take it at your own pace thats fine as well! We will help you along the way! have fun guys!