Best place on USA site to submit a ticket and ask about PSO 2 NG.

Hello I've been playing Phantasy star games for a very very very long time, but I can't help but wonder why there is no New Genesis specific section, and also I'm curious what button I need to press to submit tickets in relation to phantasy star related employment, I can't seem to find a direct contact location/url for anything remotely relating to applications for in-game employment (If that's even the correct term lol)?

Also wondering should someone find a youtube vid the staff might wanna see where should they drop it?

New staff for PSO2 NA are hired from SEGA's website over here:

(Three positions relating to PSO2 are up, no specifics regarding PSO2NGS)

In addition for regular support tickets, you go to Support --> Contact Us. You need to login to your Xbox Live account using the "Login" option on the site to access the support page.

I got a 3 day ban and was told if I had any questions to contact thier support team through the PSO2 website. I turned 1 in under every category that I could think of that it would fit. It's been 2 days with no reply.. How are supposed to fix the problem if you don't even know what it is???