Major Issue List: Please resolve right away

  1. Please remove any and all character creation restrictions. Nobody wants to pay money just to do something as simple as play with their friends on another ship. 12 character slots is fine, but players must have access to all these slots -per ship-. (the fact that you can just log in with an entirely different XBOX LIVE account to circumvent these restrictions makes the entire process of withholding character slots for money pointless and does not prevent bots)

  2. Please allow unlimited character skill tree respecifications at the cost of in-game currency named Meseta.

  3. Please allow Free Ship Transfers. You are just copy and pasting the data. You probably even have a script to do this instantly.

  4. Please remove all predatory consumable real-money purchasable items from the in-game AC, SG shop. Monetizing in game mechanics -beyond- EXP bonus and currency bonus could be mistaken for a scam taking advantage of the ignorant. The revival items that you buy in-game with Meseta work well enough at every point in the game as healing is -instant-

I'm guessing you've never played a free-to-play MMO before this one, as all the things you take issue with are commonplace throughout the genre, and can hardly be considered "major issues".

Having played many MMOs myself, both free and paid, I haven't found a single free one where you had unlimited character slots, and very few paid with no limits. This is very unlikely to change, unless the game goes pay-to-play or subscription-based.

Server transfers are also a paid service in every MMO, even subscription-based ones, because they usually involve manual data transfer, among other things. If you happen to have insider knowledge on how they operate things, or that they have some script to do it instantly, please feel free to share.

And of course, AC purchases aren't going away, they are one of the main methods of monetization in the game, alongside AC scratch tickets, which also aren't going away even if they can technically be seen as gambling.

The only thing I somewhat agree with is skill tree resets, which should at least be purchasable with Excubes, similarly to mag level-down devices, instead of being restricted to owning a spare skill tree.

Most mmorpgs I've played have free character slot expansions and server transfers via items you can earn in events (of course not literally unlimited character slots though). And then the events where you can buy them for the event currency happen pretty often, so not sure what you're talking about there.

I know you said you agree there should be a way to reset skill trees, but I don't think I've ever seen any mmorpg where there isn't a way to reset your skill points or at least get one extra page with the standard in-game currency (but usually any page after that is only obtainable with premium currency) besides the PSO series though.

Also since this thread seems to imply character slots are a thing in this game let's be very clear about this. If you buy an extra character, that's what you're getting a character not a slot. If you have any more than 3 characters and you delete one there's no slot left in it's place you'd have to buy another character to get the "slot" back.