PSO2 New Genesis: Please Keep the Permanent Account Stats Between Both

One piece of info I'd like the devs to know is that the forums and the Facebook threads are filled with:

***"▶ Well why should we bother keep playing PSO2 Classic now? ◀ ***

This would be a great reason: keep the bonus stats of PSO2 Classic level capping to be a permanent account-based increase across both PSO2 Classic and PSO2: New Genesis.

Idea 1⃣ . A leveling achievement of permanent stats is passed on to the next game. Give incentive to keep playing, and have the devs explain this soon so we can focus on leveling. It'll also give brand new 2021 players reason to go back to PSO2 Classic.

Idea 2⃣. An achievement-based accomplishment from the quest counter in one game should be an achievement in both, and a revolutionary way to keep people interested in both games, and keeps people playing both after 2021.

Idea 3⃣. Complete a weekly quest in PSO2 Classic and you'll get bonus items and an XP bonus in PSO2: New Genesis. Long-term, this makes a lot of sense.

Idea 4⃣. Clarify how SG purchases work. If an SG item purchased in one game would be account-wide across both games, or if we lose it in just one (I am particularly concerned about this with my Dreamcast mag camo and if I should even use it, but also if my SG purchase immediately applies to both games). I'm also not purchasing any SG or subscription time anymore until I know the long-term effects.

You're in a really cool and unique position that no other MMO has, and that's to integrate cross-game boosts to encourage people to keep playing both games.

Otherwise, I see this being troubling, as your two games would be competing against each other, and would make your own worst enemy your other games. If people chose to stick with PSO2 Classic, for example, New Genesis will die. Nobody wants to see that happen.

And if PSO2 Classic dies, we'll never have enough people to complete Urgent Quests.

Please forward this feedback to the developers. I think this to be crucial in how both games succeed and give players the incentive to continue playing both games.

Thank you.

Hello all! While I'm pretty sure that the developers are taking these things into consideration, I will forward this feedback to them. Thank you for voicing it!

Thanks @GM-Deynger 🙂 You're my favorite GM!