Have been stuck on the title screen all day, tried everything

I'll start with the exact issue first: At the title screen i see the button to press enter and play, I press enter. After that it goes dark for a second and the xbox login pop up window shows for a split second, and then i get sent back to the title screen. I've asked in the Discord, looked up forum posts, tried reinstalling, some command prompt stuff, xbox app, xbox companion app, xbox identity provider app. Nothing worked.

For some strange reason, i created an alt account and it managed to log in the first few times but now it stopped and has the same problem as the main account. Does anyone have any clue what I could try? I'm guessing the main problem is on my end but nothing changed recently so I can't think of a reason why it's acting up.

Any help is appreciated, also feel free to just throw in any suggestion you have.

EDIT: It turns out it was some privacy settings on my xbox live account, forget which one but if you set one of them to "friends" instead of "everyone" you won't be able to log in.

that is some registers in the Windows that are broken, the way to fix it is reinstalling Windows back again, you don't need to format your HD to do that however it will take some hours to finish the process

Ah I did that before and no luck BUT I FOUND THE PROBLEM. Turns out i changed some privacy settings in xbox live and when i changed them back to "everyone" instead of "friends, I could log back in.

Be aware of your privacy settings on your xbox live account page since that can keep you from logging in, I hope anyone else that has this problem figures this out. I can't believe it was so easy to fix and that i didn't need to reset windows to do it.