Give people the live boost even if they don't attend the concerts

I personally like all the live concert songs so I go to every one of them because I want to, but there are people that absolutely despise being there. While in the JP version of the game the concerts are a good way to get a lot of players together to have fun in the concerts, that unfortunately is often not what happens for the NA version. Because of the way people that don't want to go to the concert (but do for the boost) act I think people should be able to get the boost even if they don't attend the concerts

Many people will constantly mention how much they hate the song or having to go to the concerts, so they cause a disruption every time the concerts happen (they constantly bring it up throughout the entire concert). I think it would be better for everyone if we just got the boost regardless if we actually attend the concerts or not. That way it doesn't force people to do something they don't want to, and people that actually like the concerts can go to them and hopefully enjoy them.

This is partially already implemented. As long as you're anywhere in the Gate Area or Shopping Plaza you get the live boost, so you don't really need to attend the concerts. But I assume you want the live boost to cover Franca's Cafe, Casino Area, Challenge Block, Gateway Ship, Personal- & Alliance quarters as well?

I personally use the Gate Area for getting the live boost when I don't feel like attending the concert, works fine for me. I am not sure if it also works in Franca's Cafe & Casino Area, never bothered to check. (I assume not, due transferring.) I do know that the Challenge Block, Gateway Ship, Personal- & Alliance quarters won't get the live boost.

There's no incentive to go to the concerts if the one thing they give is just universally given to everyone no matter where they are. It's 10 minutes and then you get the buff, people can live with that. Mute the game and watch a YT vid if they hate the music so much.

That's the thing though people would rather moan about how much they hate it than do anything like that. It gets annoying that they can't just do something else during that time and annoy people that legitimately want to enjoy the concert instead. I didn't know you can just be in the gate area to get it though, I need to tell people that so they can just stay there instead of bothering us.

@Riesz not that you should HAVE to do this.. as you made many valid points. but what i do is go to an empty block if i want to watch a concert without a ton of chat.

i don't go to them "all" for enjoyment. as i'm not seeing Miku nightly like on JP (5 years or whatever ago) but i do like to turn my ingame music back on & chill with Quna's concerts on occassion. and just chill with the game's sound rather than whatever else i probably had on in the background.

Could try it as a last resort.

wish there was an option to temporarily disable chat/SA for a few minutes. (player choice) but for me its the autochat mid mission every 5sec that i'd want to turn off. but could see that theoretically helping those who want to watch a concert without all the ruckus too.

Edit just to be clear i do NOT hate autochat or SA. its just sometimes, i want to see what i'm doing and not get updates from someone who isn't even in my 4 person party during Ultimate. (So maybe a "Party Only" option for chat/sa would be suitable for both situations?)

just spitballing ideas. i like the feature, just not ALL the time. lol same with concerts BUT if i don't feel like going to a concert then i don't mind not having the buff. if i'm super grumpy i could always stand in the shop area.

Honestly do not know when the last time i saw a concert was the entire month of July. Since my friend starting playing a few weeks ago, i have caught 1 concert with them the ENTIRE time.

#MakeMikuGreatAgain lol jk Miku is a cyber goddess