Ship 3 Alliance VII Casual and Social


About- We are a group of casual and social gamers. We just like having fun and making the most out of PSO2.
We currently have 26 members and an active discord.

I am not a man of many words when it comes to recruiting and bedazzling you with tons of pictures 😢 But I try 🙂 Hope to meet some awesome people! Anyone is welcome to join the discord even if you don't want to join the Alliance. Come hangout anytime xD



@TsunamiAura love bump, hey hey, may I chat with u on discord? Lucky#6414

@Lucky Sorry I took most of the day off yesterday for my birthday :3 added

July 28th rawr!

July 31 Wowza!

August 1st RAWR

August 3rd 🙂

August 6th

august 7th