Is complaining about a video game fun for you?

@RainGnyu There are plenty of legitimate complaint threads. Even discounting the ones you disagree with, which are still valid no matter how much you dislike them; you can't argue that threads on the MS Store and Steam Region Locks were not legitimate concerns as they prevented people from playing.


It's part of my hobby to go from forum to forum, finding something about the games that I play, complaining about them and seeing how people react and sometimes learn some new interesting things about society as a whole and discover how people interact when something they like is being critizied.

Note: I do not go and TROLL, I tend to post legitimate concerns or topics that aren't filled with instant hate but rather questioning why something is put in to X game.

Example: Ghost recon breakpoint which has a very garbage delay in the controls no matter if you use controller, keyboard, wired or wireless and it was a deliberate system they made in to their game and well I just want to know why and complain cause I spent 4 hours trying to do X thing only to get murdered cause of this small DELAY the movement has.

But that's just an example.

It's definitely fun to watch people rage about video games, if that's what you're saying.

Sometimes yes.

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After seeing these thread post as of it really?

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I was wondering if the argument is fun for you or a stress reliever. Is getting on the forums and picking out something trivial and making it a subjectively important issue, to the community something enjoyable for you?

Is the argument a game within the game?

Let see if I can make a argument out of arguing?

I get your point. You're right.

There's feedback, and then there are, uh, shit talkers?

We have many of them, and you actually perfectly baited some of the worse here.

Good job!

Why necro a thread you disagreed with?

The game isn’t perfect, no game is. A lot of complaints are valid and usually a way we can brainstorm solutions to bring up to the staff. How does anything ever get fixed if no one says anything?

Yes people whine on the internet, people will find anything to gripe about, but lately that’s not what I’m seeing. People have real concerns right now that should be addressed.