Can 13 star items drop as "Unidentified"?

I was wondering this because I saw videos from JP where certain 13-star drops had to be identified (Rappy Egg 13 star being one of them).

I have yet to get more than two, maybe 3, total 13-star drops since I started playing. It would be AWESOME if I got a Rappy Egg next PSO2 day, but it'd really take the joy out of the moment if it dropped with Wind or Fire, or basically anything other than Light.

Similarly, if there's even a chance at Nemesis or Slave weapons dropping unidentified that'd be a GREAT place to dump meseta on an enhanced appraisal I think.

Yes, 13*+ Weapons and Eggs can drop as unidentified boxes/eggs. On the JPN side, there is even a "Charm" that makes it so that all 7*+ Weapons drop boxed; obtaining it is related to Crafting, so we may see it NA-side once Episode 4 hits.

A "Charm"? Like, an accessory or skill you can get? That seems useful for making sure you get the proper elemental type of certain 13+ star drops to me.

@Foxxie-kun It's not an actual inventory item, rather it is a flag that is added to your character (like Difficulty Permits or NPC Partner Cards). The thing is, though, it requires you to have one of the Vraolet Gunslashes in your Inventory (does not need to be equipped) for it to work (since the Charm basically just makes Vraolet's potential be active no matter what Weapon you have equipped).

This is where things may need to be modified for the NA version since Vraolet (7*), Lambda Vraolet (7*), and Dio Vraolet (9*) are not available on the NA version (Vraolet Zero does not have the same potential, so it doesn't work with the Charm).