Classic Phantasy Star stuff?

I haven't been able to play as much as I'd like since launch due to a bunch of life stuff, but have the classic PS parts like the Rika and Rolf costume appeared yet? Feels like I have to be on-edge about that since I saw some PSU stuff appear on the stargem shop a while ago, and know the beast race make-up was a pre-PC release only thing so I've already missed out on that too.

Really just want to be able to bring some of those pre-Online era looks into New Genesis when that launches.

They have not been added yet.

Good to hear! I'll keep checking and hoping then. It'd be nice if we had an idea when these things would get re-ran too, since it sure would be nice to get that beast face that only seems to've existed before the PC launch.

I wonder if maybe they could add a proper original Alis costume some day too...

Keep that Phantasy Star Legends AC Scratch Ticket sentiment going! SEGA should run it multiple times and add more legacy characters!