What I have to see change in the game

This is what I would like to see in the game.

  1. Please FIX all the major problems, Like updating and being forced to re-download the WHOLE GAME.
  2. The Star Gems and Tickets prices are way to high. Reduce it or at least give a higher bonus for the purchase.
  3. Permanently ban all bots that try to sell money to players. That will only reduce the value of the game money and hurt the game in the long run.
  4. Have a friend list that is through the game and not on XBoxLive.
  5. Upgrade the Market to where free players can at least sell one or two times. That can gives free player a chance to sell and get further in the game.
  6. For the quest, when it ask you to get something or kill something it should at least tell you what map to get it on. That way you don't have to go on google or go to every map just to find it.

That all I got for now, just hope some of these gets fix or done.

@TawnyWhisper800 Regarding #6, when you open up your Client Order list, if you hit Tab/controller bumpers, it groups your COs by Area they can be completed in.

@TawnyWhisper800 In regards to #2, I believe the SG costs are balanced in regards to how they're designed in the JP server, being earned through grinding and purchases being a supplementary way of earning them. There are many weekly sources of SG we don't have access to, namely the casino and challenge miles.

For #3, you simply can't permanently ban all bots. They have an inexhaustible number of accounts at their disposition, and can always make more. The only way to get rid of bots forever is to close account creation permanently, and that's just not feasible. Even then, accounts can get stolen and converted to bots. The best and only course of action there is is to simply report advertisement and farming bots as you see them.

And for #5, as I understand it, this is just the design behind the game. If you want to use the shop, there's 3 days personal shop tickets you can get from the FUN scratches. They give you the full benefits of a premium player when it comes to the shops.

#4 is getting addressed with releases on other platforms...