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Ask the ratings systems. Laws in EU with loot boxes changed thanks to EA greed on battlefront 2. Honestly I'm baffled myself on why more aren't rated M or have changed to M rated. It's still new with laws.

I think this right here is exactly why PSO2 may never see the light in EU. The scratch stuff uses in-game and real currency. It would most likely be treated as loot boxes in EU's eyes. They would have to remove the Scratch option to use real currency and maybe have a separate option to buy items directly. If it wasn't for EA, it would've probably had a EU announcement by this point.

@Leonkh99 Yeah, I didn't mean to come off like it was completely not coming or anything but you're right. I didn't follow the topic too much over there but you're right on those points so a few of those obstructions would've been hammered out. The law there is definitely new and definitely needs some ironing out but I think it's a good step in the right direction to not get minors addicted to gambling like mechanics. I honestly do want the game to come over in the EU territories and other places so we can all play together.

I wouldn't go there just yet @Diamond-Cats258 , when bringing up the EU's ban on lootboxes many things have been overlook. First off, its not a region-wide ban but rather specific countries who have banned lootboxes. Second off, most lootbox regulations (or proposed regulations) such as in UK, France and Germany are aimed at games being sold at minors... PSO2 has an M rating and would most likely have gotten a high PEGI rating as well so its not a game directed at minors nor would it be advertised at minors. Furthermore, you need to understand that SEGA Europe handles releases not just within Europe but EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) and Oceania (Australia and New Zealand). If the issue were the lootbox ban, the game would simply not be available to download from those countries' digital storefront and you still have a large number of countries that don't have such a ban; UK, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, New Zealand.

All that we know at this point is that the game is currently NOT launching in Europe from the start, but there's been a few cases of what you may call "future proofing" present in the game:

  • The game's Privacy Policy is compliant with EU's Data Protection laws.

  • The way multiple languages work in PSO2. In addition to dual audio, you can also set the game's text in Japanese and can set the language you speak to be visible to other players who see your profile. Doesn't make much sense with Japanese considering JP players have their own separate version and servers... but it does make sense if say... they were to have other languages added at later points.

So yeah... there's all this to account for.

Also if people are still debating what could have given the game an M rating (and not immediately assuming the AC Scratch is).... the game is indeed the Episode 6 client which would mean it would have the newer content within its game files. So hmmm....

(NOTE: apologies for any spoilers these shots might have but... didn't know what better way to get this across)


Also, I doubt the rating change in Japan has anything to do with the NA version. The reason the game's rating is being changed is cause the rating boards there (CERO) haven't had the game submitted since Episode 4... when the last physical release happened. With the new Episode 6 physical release coming soon over there, CERO most likely looked at all the content introduced after Episode 4 (when they last rated the game) and felt that all the new instances of blood and violence required the game's rating be increased. (since Japanese rating boards are more sensitive to violence and blood depiction)

There's also the fact that ratings in other countries don't affect ratings in other countries. Look no further than Persona 3 which had similar CERO and PEGI rating as Fate/EXTRA but when the US release came along for both games, Persona 3 got an M rating and Fate/EXTRA a T rating.

@Leonkh99 ESRB could be very random at times as well. Games where you expect a certain rating but end up get a lower rating just to put confusion with the decision lol. I forget what game it was but this happened with another localization company and even they said in a interview that they were generally surprised.

Seeing as esrb doesnt play the games and relies solely on descriptions/video clips it's no surprise that they botch ratings

@KOSMOSFAN22497 I didn't know anything online could be anything less than M... Unless you disable chat. Or made a single player version.

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@KOSMOSFAN22497 I didn't know anything online could be anything less than M... Unless you disable chat. Or made a single player version.

thats pretty much how it is. the lego game ONLY let you use predetermined words very similar to how the original pso had its universal chat, they made absolutely sure you couldnt use any numbers too (so you couldnt ask how old someone was). to bypass it i had to convey that only the first letter of the sentence was the actual letter to give somebody my skype info and the most profane thing i could come up with to say to people who were kill stealing was "go eat your dads sausage". luckily it only took like 10 hours to hit cap in that disaster.

@MEGAF1UX , I had demonstrated before the M rating is not tied entirely to the level of "Online Interactivity". I forgot to mention in the Rocket League example... not only was its rating lowered but you can freely chat AND also use voice chat...

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@MEGAF1UX , I had demonstrated before the M rating is not tied entirely to the level of "Online Interactivity". I forgot to mention in the Rocket League example... not only was its rating lowered but you can freely chat AND also use voice chat...

..and yet you seem to refuse to see the words "online interactions NOT RATED by the ESRB".

@MEGAF1UX I see it and understand what it means unlike you in this case... NOT RATED as in, the rating doesnt account for online interaction.

I have already given you a list of online games with ratings lower than M AND statements from the ESRB as to what "NOT RATED" means within this context, at this point any follow up argument on this matter would be due to pure ignorance on your part despite the evidence provided.

@Leonkh99 not rated = anything goes, which is every bit as "bad" as M or A. in an online only game every interaction is an online interaction, even npc interactions. the M is for the gambling and nothing more, NOT animated blood or anything like that. there is a concentrated effort happening right now that wasnt happening years ago to keep kiddies from gambling because its HABIT FORMING, for example where i live they are going around removing these "games of chance" machines across the state that actually pay out money when you win (kind of like coin pusher games but some of them are trivia, pinball, or bingo) ANY PLACE where kids are allowed. why didnt they do it last year? because there werent laws on the books prohibiting it. why not? because the research hadnt come in. why not? because the research didnt really start until the whole loot box thing came to light.

i cant really explain it any clearer.. your inability to comprehend is not my shortcoming.

@MEGAF1UX You've gone back on many things you've said though.

Your first claim was that the game got an M rating due to its "Online Interaction"... which again is false since as even the ESRB SITE STATES "The ESRB rating assigned to a game does NOT account for the online interaction". Now if your claim all along was just "Online Interacting = anything goes" and not "The game's rated M cause of Online Interaction" then yeah I apologize for misunderstanding you.

That said though, "Gambling" and "In-Game Purchases" are considered two different traits a game can have. PSO2 has "Simulated Gambling" which is to mean (according to ESRB's site) "Player can gamble without betting or wagering real cash or currency"... so its gambling rating has NOTHING to do with scratches and more to do with the actual in-game Casino you can visit... which would still fall under a T rating either way.

As had been announced before by the ESRB, any sort of In-Game Purchases (which INCLUDE Lootboxes):

Several people (including myself) have provided complete explanations and even evidence of several of PSO2's traits that might have influenced the ESRB rating OTHER than 'those damn lootboxes'. The difference between "Mild Blood" and "Blood" can mean a change from T to M rating and as I have demonstrated time and time again... PSO2_M_Rating2.jpg There is several actual cases that can be made for PSO2 getting an M rating.... this clearly falls under M rating territory...

ac scratches are GAMBLING! "SIMULATED GAMBLING" is something else entirely where theres really nothing of ACTUAL value at risk.

im pretty much done even dealing with you because youre clearly too thick to comprehend simple words.

reposting pictures of ANIMATED blood doesnt mean anything to me either. its not asif its photo-realistic, its not asif those are real people, its doesnt even look very much like blood.

Have you considered the possibility...that maybe both of you are right?

i dunno if any of you remember symbol chat on the JP version... yea thats gonna be a stiff M