I just wanted to make it known that there is currently a game breaking bug that infinitely loops you into your PQ and you will never be able to load in. I know some of you are already aware of this issue, but the GM's are not. They are not taking this seriously what so ever, and to myself and others who are effected there is no set time for a fix. They aren't taking this issue seriously due to the recently bug fixes that were prioritized first. On their support page they have known issues that are currently being investigated/resolved and this bug which is literally not allowing players to go into their PQ is not on that page.

The only reason why it concerns me is because EP.4 is around the corner. I will not be able to craft my disc if this issue is not fixed. Sure the fix might be ninja fixed at the next patch, but this bug was first submitted hours after maintenance concluded. I submitted my ticket July 15th @ 10AM, which surprised me that there was no update/fix for this issue. Not even shutting down or removing the actual item(s) from the SG Swap shop. I am not sure if they would be able to remove the item from my PQ but that is just a suggestion. But still they immediately fixed the FFS, so I see ultimately where their priorities lie.

Also please keep in mind that 1 SG Scratch ticket is 80SG, to swap the SG items for a badge to exchange for the furnishing will cost you 10 Items or 800 SG.

I am really sorry for the rambling post, I just wanted to build some hype for this issue because I and many others aren't able to access our PQ, and I feel like our cries for help aren't being heard.