Will you continue playing PSO2 or wait for Genesis?

As the title suggests. I've seen this question thrown around a lot over the past 24 hours and out of curiosity wanted to see how the community is approaching this.

I will continue to play it because I planned to, I want to fully experience it. I don't know how I will feel about NG until I try it. I also have bias of later content, and have enjoyed it. So I am here for the long haul.

Why not both? NG is a new game plus for us and you can still benefit from playing PSO2 too by bring over units, weapons, mag evolution, and maybe some other things I don't know about to NG.

Gotta keep playing and making billions of meseta for when episode 6 gets here.

@lI-M-i-t-s-u-Il I'm referring to the here and now. Both isn't an option as it's not out yet 🙂

I will say I am getting lazier because I am accomplishing more things. Leveling up and upgrading my gear. Yet I still am trying to play and earn excubes / meseta and save it for future episodes whenever I can.

Plans are going on hold I'll still fly through content and login to shop a bit

I don't see the point of stopping playing. Standard PSO2 won't be going anywhere for at least a year or 2 after NGS drops. Fashion is going to carry over so I still don't see the need to stop spending money. The only thing this changes for me is worrying about affixing or having high end gear. I know Gear transfers over some but there's no telling how things will be stat wise.

Not that I was planning on doing affixing anytime soon anyway. Now I just feel validated d:

continue playing, many stuff will be able to transfer to NGS so why not get more stuff to transfer to when NGS comes

I dont know. Before the genesis announcement if you would of asked me how long do I plan on playing this game I would of said till i died. I've waited multiple years for this game to come to NA and when it finally got here I felt it was worth the wait. After watching the trailer initially i just felt confused. I didn't understand what this would be or how it would interact with PSO2. After watching the follow up video and realizing the majority of the progress I made in this game isn't going to be carried over I kinda felt gyped, let down. angry upset and just a whole bunch of other stuff mixed in. I feel like i'm in limbo right now with this game. There just not enough info about genesis right now. Is this 1 game? Is there a stand alone launcher? Can you swap between 1 game and the other while still in the game or will you have to relaunch the game? Will premium be in effect for both games or will you have to buy it separately for genesis? I don't know feel like I might be starting to ramble so i'm just gonna chill a bit a see what end up happening.

Why not keep playing? Can be more casual and still experience it, not like our NA version is very hard or as much grindy as what it was when rolling out on Japan.

It's rather easy to enjoy PSO2 in it's current state.

LMAO, imagine if World of Warcraft with Classic of FF14 with FF11 would have been handled the same a PSO2 and PSO2 NGS. SEGA really nailed this update, keeping both game well alive!

@Pulptenks In an ideal world the switching between games sounds cool but realistically I'm of the opinion that it will split the playerbase for the worse.

@TINPAN22 said in Will you continue playing PSO2 or wait for Genesis?:

@Pulptenks In an ideal world the switching between games sounds cool but realistically I'm of the opinion that it will split the playerbase for the worse.

I strongly disagree with splitting player base. Each game will be there to complete each other for NA audience if there's any content drought. And classic games tend to be always popular. But that's my two cents and observation from existing games, anyways. Not a bad opinion, I just doubt it'll be the case. Esepcially if the game can finally got Global and have something better then just windows store, it'll only boost the player base.

I'm going to keep playing, duh.

If you feel like advancement in this game starts to feel like a job and have thought of its future depreciation as sunk time, you probably aren't enjoying playing the game for the game itself. I must stress - that's not a problem! But it's a good indicator that you might want to redirect your energy to having fun with other games too.

@TINPAN22 If you say like that I guess continue playing.