What transfers to PSO2-NG? My Ugly Table can elaborate.

Hello. The title explains it. I emphasis that this is an ugly table. I copied the table from the ship transfer page in the manual and used the following:

e1ae64b4-ec18-442d-8c57-ef017ac7bf40-image.png - This means it does not transfer. (so far)

a3fd2bf3-62df-4c62-9530-04f6c98a5d9f-image.png - This means it does transfer. (so far)

58c7c30c-e053-4c47-ae59-7048f5d27bba-image.png - This means we have no idea. (yet)

I used the information provided on the announcement for PSO2:NG and compared it to the verbiage in the manual I linked earlier. This is just a reference to help visualize the wording in the announcement and may be incorrect. Don't hurt me too much.


Some notes about certain items:

  • Placed a question mark on Titles, NPC affinity, and Available partners because we don't know if there will be parts of the story that were influenced by our previous data. Also, friend partners.

  • Placed a question mark on pets because we don't know how that kind of class will transfer over to the new game. It obviously will, but the pets could be different.

  • Put an 'X' for equipped weapons because the article stated some weapons will require a specific level, so your character may have their equipment unequipped.

  • I marked MAGs as a yes, because even though the stats will not transfer, the evolution devices that are registered will.

  • Ensemble might be referring to outfits/weapon camos. It counts this separately than ticket items, so I just put a question mark for now.

  • Salon ensembles are items that become registered after using them once. These items include Basewear, Innerwear, Hair, Accessories, Body Paint, etc.

Have fun, you dirty rascals.

It also states PSO2:NG character creation data can be used in PSO2, so those unique accessory placements (if they are PSO2:NG specific) will be able to come back to the fleet!

the NPC affinity most certantly it won't transfer after all is 1000 years after the events of Episode 6 so is hard to have affinity when probably all characters will be dead and considering some people translated stuff from the Japanese site you can count the inventory slots and storage will transfer with the character because everything bounded to the character will be transfered with then.

What I want to know is if the extra inventory space I bought will transfer over. I spent a lot of money on them extra slots.