Prison in the game

Already raised this issue in another topic. There should be some penalties for toxic statements and outrage to people. It would be great if a version of the prison were made in the game. So that toxic players do not just sit in prison for a while, but are engaged in construction or other works. In order not to ban the players for destructive behavior, but to allow them to improve. There must be law and order inside the game.

@Vundar9115 said in Prison in the game:

... engaged in construction or other works.

That would require some sort of public works sector which requires some sort of government. In order to have some form of government we would need to have a system of elections in place to put a series of laws and regulations into effect.

Before those regulations and laws are put into effect there would have to be a legislative body to draft, amend, codify proposed rules. But hold on, prior to that, we need to have all of this be initiated by the body politic, because as we all know only a democracy has the true power to flourish. In order to have buy in from the population at large.

But what if you don't have this buy in from the body politic? Well you're certainly not going to have a coherent legislative body. It might as well be drunk parliament. If there's no legislative legitimacy, then there will be no teeth to any legislation. If the legislature cannot function and churn out solid policy, then no strong public works projects will materialize.

If the existence of realistic public works project is non-existent, there will be no projects for your prisoners to participate in.

So... Idk about the strength of this suggestion as is.