New Genesis Wishlist! (Come on y'all let's inspire SEGA to make a truly Next-Gen experience.)

@John-Paul-RAGE said in New Genesis Wishlist! (Come on y'all let's inspire SEGA to make a truly Next-Gen experience.):

@Ephemiel you do know we just had a Konosuba collab, right?

Anything you mention from JP that hasn't happened here yet isn't part of the conversation because PSO2NA has only had 1 version of a collab, which is AC purchases.

It is since it's the same game and it's what we'll get in the future.

Yet again, someone actively trying not to acknowledge something just to keep complaining about it.

@Ephemiel saying what I hope they have in NG is complaining?

Over the course of an 8 year game you had a single reference to a collab that was real. Monster Hunter: World had several in just the first year.

If you have an issue with me wanting fun collabs, lol... you can kindly stare in the mirror and argue with yourself.

@John-Paul-RAGE Dude,Ephemiel constantly attacks people as soon as they don't agree with what he says. Don't even bother,I have their ass blocked for a reason.

Sega need to stop playing around and make New Genesis PSO3. Make nothing carry over. Still upgrade PSO2 but do it before the release of New Genesis. They don't need to bridge the gap. Truth be told I won't be going between both games. So just make NG PSO3.


Not likely to happen after a official announcement and much time of work/development. They're probably saving PSO3 for the future era when VR stuff is more compatible or towards the late 20's leaning into the 30's if I had to speculate.

Who knows.

Keep the Sympathy music system. That thing is still amazing despite some of the weird transitions that happen from time to time.

More Races, it's time the series had something reptilian again, the last time we had anything close to that were the Dezolians.

Continue to consider the overall Phantasy Star timeline through the story.

Use level soft caps instead of hard caps so progression isn't placed into the form of cubes at max level.

Global servers, none of this region splitting.

And honestly get over that T rating, we saw what was hidden from the NA trailer.

Bring back Varuna Lashiec.

truly next gen?

remove all interaction with pso2

Make the PC version be on par with the rest of Sega's modern day PC ports.

The launcher, much like with other MMOs, can still serve the purpose of updating the game but have things like graphic settings be able to be done in-game... ideally, NO OPTIONS should be in the launcher at all.

Keep the ability to change what gamepad prompts (Xbox, PlayStation, etc) are displayed and allow keyboard or gamepad prompts be displayed depending on which one's being used currently (as opposed to manually switching between the two).

Bring back Elly Person from PSO1&2.

alt text

I miss her as my assistant/operative.

When PSO2 was released in Japan it deleted your hard drive

When PSO2 was released in NA it made duplicates of itself or deleted itself

When PSO2 NGS is released can it just be a permissions issue?

Some things I'd really like.

  • Stop making everything take as long as possible and stop yanking the camera. It gets old really fast to see the same boss die in the same way for the 1000th time. Just let me have my loot now so I can move on. And by that, stop tieing the telepipe to when the info finishes. It's a little awkrard to stand there waiting on it to appear.

  • No more "immersing us in the game". Just let our characters talk for ourselves please. It really takes me out the story when I'm constantly getting forced to answer a pointless question my character could of easily done in "..." text. All it does is changes 2 lines of dialogue, if I wanted that, I'd go back to playing tales of world.

  • allow us to choose who gets to view our equipment etc. Like the room entry permissions. If I only want friends to see what units and weapons/affixes, it'd be just only them. It'd just be a blank screen for anyone else trying to peek.

  • For them to maintain content more content because having more things to run is nicer even if it's outdated than having 60% of the game die in 4 hits to a 1 star weapon because of player buffs overtime.

  • If there are movement PA's, set it so they only chase the target on a hard lock on. In coast for example, with shell flowers growing all over the place, I can either guilty break in tps and have no control of direction during the running part. Or don't and have control, but the moment my character see a hittable flower, they veer off 90 degrees the wrong way and ignore my directional input just to hit it and probably get poisoned.

  • Please don't tie mobile titles to ngs and try to force us to them. ;-;

Fort building and taming! Rare discovery and crafting and craftsmanship! Hunting and discovering of rare items. A super big map!

Mag building uniqueness!

My one and only true wish since PSO on the DreamCast is...

Open World

o/ =^.^=