PSO2 to PSO2 New Genesis

I am looking for some clarification now that we know that PSO 2 New Genesis is going to be a stand alone game. Has there been any confirmation or hopefully one of the few moderators here can confirm, our AC and Outfits WILL transfer to the new game, correct?

I surely hope this is the case, otherwise it seems obvious that PSO2 was only launched in NA to be a money grab to help accumulate the last funds needed for the next game. Moderator/Admin please verify if this hasn't already been written in an article or somewhere else I have not seen.

This has some answers to that question, it seems that it'll be like importing a character from Portable 1 to Portable 2, your appearance and some gear will transfer over, 'Character Growth' (aka Class levels / skills, Photon arts/techniques) won't transfer while AC and SG will be shared between the games