So do cosmetics/costumes carry over?

This is based entirely on what currently exists in PSO2, and all they've said and shown so far. Bear in mind it IS subject to change - all of it. But going by what they've shown us and what we have so far, these are reasonable conclusions.alt text

@ThirdChild-ZKI You've highlighted Other and if you look on the list of things that 100% will not becoming over none of that is registered character data.

Again as Other is not All we can assume that not All cosmetics/accessories will be coming over. The question is what will and what won't as people have pointed out the trailer does show the arks costume and an accessory

So 100% is not coming over and we can assume that collab Gacha isn't either... for launch at least. Also I've just learned how to highlight words by accident

Collab items may be the one thing that has some legal red tape that'd make it difficult. As for everything else, the only "other" things that register to you are:

Accessories, Decals, Body Paints, high rarity weapons (which are NOT cosmetics), and LAYERED WEAR: Basewear and Innerwear.

There isn't much else that falls into that category, and as for Outfits and Outerwear, I covered that in the infographic.

Just the fact that they are being very vague on this whole topic (which I am sure they knew would be a hot one) is very concerning for me. Are they keeping their mouth shut so they can continue selling scratch tickets and then make the announcement that outfits, baseware and innerware won't be transferred? Or do they literally don't know?

My guess is that they know the answer but just don't want to tell us cause they know it will be a loss of revenue for them so they will probably keep vague about it as long as possible to get as much as they can before opening the flood gates of rage and bad PR.

Considering both games will have the same graphics engine and character creation system, it should go without saying that all outfits will be compatible with NG if they also work in PSO2.

I don't think any GM's were on yesterday

@TsundereMuse Having the same game engine has little to do with the fidelity of the models. Many games within the same series has used the same engine but they still had to remodel and texture any assets they wanted to look better. Usually the reason why successors within the engine can handle creating higher quality assets is because of stronger engineering. I'm pretty sure the outfits on the trailer alone have more polys and texture resolution than the average base PSO2 outfit. They are going to have to rebuild a lot of the cosmetics from scratch.

How do you guys feel about having a swap shop for PSO2 to New Genesis. Like you can trade in incompatible cosmetics for new ones or credit?

Didn't read all of the thread so sorry if this was already cleared. I'm confident that all outfits and outwear (those that are freely equipped and unequipped) will have NG versions, since from what I read, the base game will get the same visual overhaul, meaning, those outfits will already have their upgraded versions. Now that's a TON of outfits, so I wouldn't be surprised if many of them are just ported with little or no modifications at all.

On the subject of what we, the players can copy or move to NG, that's a still unanswered question. BUT, again, I say I'm confident that there may be a system in place (and if it's not there, players will really rage until they do) that allows for either moving items from one game to the other, or plain copying it all, as a snapshot of your character at the moment you copied it from game to game, perhaps in a similar fashion to what happened with the God Eater series on the PSP. but this is just me thinking aloud. I'm personally not going to despair so early, but I'll be watching for details.


Yeah they'll probably take awhile to bring them all over eventually. But I feel most of our fashion will transfer over at some point.

@Knight-Raime The issue would be that if they do bring NG's engine to PS2 when NG released, all of that must (or should) have been already done. I mean, we get NG and upgraded PSO2. I really doubt they will invalidate your current outfits with a "soon" note over them, since the PSO2 graphics update will not be optional from what I see.

Looks like yes. During the japan video it did show current cosmetics on the character creation screen. And it also did show the human hunter and female newman outfits being worn on the new map.

@Merelambasted It's going to be literally the same models between both games seemingly.

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@Thirstday That doesn't answer my question, it references something else entirely.

I asked what registration data means to you.

What all is registered? Do you know? Can you name five items that involve registration?

That isn't the point of the thread. shoo shoo

I'd like to highlight this right here. Your question being answered, is not the point of the thread then? Someone giving you clear representation of what registered data,is also not, by extention apart of the point of the thread.

Right there, this raises red flags for me. You had your answer, character linked cosmetics carry over. Core PSO2 is getting a graphical overhaul, to bring it all into line with Genesis. It's simple logic, comprehension, and basic understanding that if both games are using the same level of graphical fidelity, that outfits by extension would have to carry over, or outfits in PSO2 classic, as you called it, would cease to function. SEGA knows that their main source of income in this game is fashion. There is literally a fashion tab in the damn menu.

You got your answer, and didn't like how exacting it was, so you are combating anyone that gives that answer to you in the thread. You either lack comprehension skills, and aren't understanding of what is being said to you, or you are trying to sow the seeds of hysteria amongst uninformed players in this forum in it's entirety. If it's the former, I'm sorry, but you need to learn to take some things at face value, if it's that latter, you need to stop.

Either way, you have a sh*t attitude, and you need to check yourself. It does no good to tell someone that's trying to help you understand their answer, to your own question, to shoo.

@Anarchy-Marine Nice Alt. going to need another one to respond

What registered data is Does not matter as Cosmetics would qualify as a subset of it.

And the fact they qualify what will be brought over with "OTHER" which is an anomalous means that we do not know if the Cosmetic subset such as accessories will be brought over.

Now you see small number go into big number but big number no go into small number. As god damn basic as I can make understanding the difference between Some and Everything. As such the question of What is being brought over or are accessories being brought over is incredibly open.

Now here's the thing what I've posted above is not arguable, what qualifies as registered data is not the point of this thread as it does not matter. Now I blocked your other account and I'm blocking this one too. If you want to create another one to goad me I'll report this for harassment

Whats funny, is this isnt an alt, and you can verify that by my join date and posts. Also, others can still see my posts here lmfao. So you lack comprehension skills. Got it.

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