So New Genesis will carry over very little from PSO2? What is the point in calling it an expansion if 90% of the content wont transfer over. You've effectively killed PSO2.

Rather; it seems like a cash grab. Wait years and years to release to your fanatical NA base only to literally bait and switch them with egregious predatory monetization. Seems kinda like we're being played is all im saying.

It's a new game. I made a thread about this earlier and got abused by people insisting it is the same game just an update.. facepalm

@Zythi5373 Well I believe they will eventually release all classes - just not at launch.

  • While the fundamental weapon design will not change, their stats, augments, and potentials will. Additionally, some higher-rarity weapons may not be equippable until your character has reached a certain level. For weapons pertaining to classes that have not yet been added to PSO2: NGS, they will be unusable until the relevant class has been released.

@Nevzat no you got abused because you did stupid posts there and even saying you know how Sega works instead of waiting.

I did say before just by watching the video that it will be a new game just because the engine and stopped there because I didn't know anything else about how the transition will go but you instead did come with your own presumptions

@HarmlessSyan Right, and that's fair. But until those launch, what are those players going to play? Base game. Since they're playing base game, what happens if everyone else swaps to New Gen? They just have to play a dead game, quit until New Gen has the class they play, or just suck it up and keep playing without the class they already waited a year for in NA, or multiple years for in JP (for people looking to play gunslash scion). That's pretty cut and paste splitting a player base. Most games can't survive doing that, especially when the two competing products are so similar to each other.

@Zythi5373 Well, I mained Phantom on JP, and for the short time I hopped over to NA - I just decided to play Hunter. I think most people will just find another class to play - remember you have to relevel everything anyways.

@SizedBead674873 I can't argue with that, it was quite a cash grab move to release it on NA and promote those AC Sales with EXP boost at an absurd price. But I guess that's what parity with JP means, unless you want to wait another 8 years for NG.

They have already said how the updating works. The new game will be the updated game. PSO2 will remain AS IS (updated graphics though) with episode 6 being the final content update.

@Shiz1880 Base PSO2 will still get the graphics update, but yeah, anything gameplay related will remain as is.

Though, since we'll be able to play in both versions using the same char, base PSO2 will likely still receive cosmetics (most likely there'll be shared AC scratches and such between both PSO2 and NGS).

@HarmlessSyan Sure, but your own comment here is the problem. "For the short time I hopped over". If New Gen becomes "for the short time I hopped over" it's going to be a problem. Or if base game becomes "For the short time I hopped over".

The point, I guess, that I'm getting at is this: If they support both games, most players will not swap between games. That's as easy to see as the number of players that just play JP or just play NA. If people were willing to swap, they'd be playing both right now. But they're not. If they're not going to support both, then close the one you're not supporting so the player base stays together.

@Nevzat You got "abused" because you admitted to not even playing PSO2 (RIP ship 4) yet choose to take part in doing your best to spread misery. This forum is for community members and you are not a member of the community if you openly admit to not playing the game.

Cosmetics are super predatory.

@Zythi5373 Aye, I understand - while I had hope and planned to move over to NA completely, the more aggressive monetization with SG/fresh find turned me back to JP.

And I agree, most people will probably not swap between and play NG instead, which I think is SEGA's goal into eventually shutting down PSO2 - and as @Ezodagrom said the support that PSO2 will get is probably just life support - no new big contents.

@HarmlessSyan Which is fine. In that case just end PSO2. Transfer everything over, sure. Allow characters to move, also good. But just end PSO2. Don't keep people in it, don't leave the servers hanging around to split the playerbase. Just clean break, and move to New Gen.

@SizedBead674873 I'm 100% happy with what I've seen so far. Seems like cosmetics transfer, and everyone knows that's the only thing that matters.

@Zythi5373 Take away the player's ability to choose what they want to play because of your concerns?

I like the idea of being able to play both games. NA won't even have Etoile/Gunblade class until sometime in 2021. So regardless of how you think it will impact the playerbase, I would very much like to play those classes for as long as I desire.