So New Genesis will carry over very little from PSO2? What is the point in calling it an expansion if 90% of the content wont transfer over. You've effectively killed PSO2.

Title says it all again. Unless you're going to walk back some of the talking points in the announcement (; it seems like a very poisoned gift.

weapons, units, emotes, mags, customizations, SG and AC costumes still need to be confirmed

yeah no they didn't kill PSO2, just because the level, PAs, meseta and FUN won't transfer doesn't mean you can't collect there also PSO2 won't just die right away because both New Genesis and the original will still share all you get that can transfer between both and even the original will gain the engine update

Why, exactly, are we implementing gameplay that seems expressly designed to split and fragment the players? Realistically, I only really see this transpiring in a couple ways:

Both PSO2 and New Gen are updated side by side on alternating patches. That is, base game gets a patch, two weeks later, New Gen gets a patch, two weeks later, base game gets a patch, etc. If this is what happens, what is the incentive to move between game versions once you have picked one? Either you like base game and will stay there, or you like new gen and will move there. With no real progress transfer between the two, time spent in the other game is basically just wasted time.


PSO2 gets some updates, but gradually tapers off to push players to New Gen until eventually base game is on life support only and New Gen is where all the updates are. In this case, why bother maintaining the old game at all? So we can see the story? Could just as easily import the cutscenes in to a menu somewhere in New Gen and let people watch them. "The Story So Far..." or something.

Either way, I can't really see a reason for players to actively play on both services, as progress between the two won't transfer. If players aren't active on both services, that essentially just drives players away from the game as a whole, or at least away from the underpopulated service. I see a lot of comparisons to FF14 and FF11, but the gameplay loop and speed of those games are very different, and thus appeal to different audiences. 11 is a slower, denser, more hardcore mmo that has more in common with Everquest than it does with 14. While 14 is a lot closer to a modern theme park mmo, sharing more in common with WoW and SWTOR than 11.

Conversely, the primary difference between New Gen and PSO2 seems to be open world vs lobby based. That doesn't seem like enough of a distinction to be able to draw and maintain separate player bases.

I get you're upset, especially if you are a player that started with NA.

As a JP player though, a lot of us are expecting this already - 8th year in a game with a 10 year plan, what is coming next? Allowing us to transfer over character data and cosmetics is already extending an olive branch to us. Compared to most (not all) other gaming companies when they release a new game - you start completely fresh.

@HarmlessSyan I dunno that it's so much upset, as it seems to make no sense. It's going to actively divide a player base that really doesn't need to be divided. This isn't WoW/WoW Classic. Dropping half your playerbase to another service is going to noticeably impact base game, and make New Gen feel like it's not being played by many players.

@Zythi5373 Ahh well I think the eventual goal is to get players to move from PSO2 to NG - SEGA did just kill the Vita version and this "update" took the place of EP7 development. I agree that most of the new content will be on NG once it comes out (still a year away), and PSO2 will be relegated to life support to eventual shut down - they are probably hoping most people will move over to NG by then.

Just my opinion, I have no sources.

I wished they killed pso2, anything but the combat is outdated garbage. This just makes me fear they gonna port over so much unneeded stuff.

@HarmlessSyan Which would be fine. If they want us to move to New Gen, that's completely fine. But that's not what they're indicating. They're still setting up more dev work to be done to base game (like the new scion class).

@HarmlessSyan probably that is the focus of Sega but instead of just shoving up a new game is letting a smoother transition to the playerbase even more now that other companies have MMOs and Sega doesn't want to lose their playerbase

@Zythi5373 Well PSO2 still got a year till NG comes out, I'd be more upset if they said they would stop all new content on PSO2 and just wait for NG. I just think this method is their way of thinking that it would be the smoothest way to transition players onto NG - but obviously still pissing off some people.

@HarmlessSyan The ones pissed off about this are the same types that get pissed off from everything. In their worlds there is no right side of the bed.

Im not mad; personally. Im just trying to understand why they would announce it like they have. It just seems very very disingenuous to have it be called an expansion. Its basically Everquest vs Everquest 2 all over again. They absolutely do not need to muddy their own waters with competing content.

@HarmlessSyan Right, but New Gen specifically doesn't have all the classes base game does. So why are we making new classes that people can play for a couple months, and then not be able to play when New Gen launches? New quests. new gear, sure. New classes though? That's not a smooth transition at all. That's "hey, here's this cool class you've wanted, now give it back because we're moving everyone to new gen".