PSO2-Genesis Question Megathread

Fun fact about me, I used to run two video game publications as the editor in chief with a crew of 30 staff. And the one place that both devs and gaming journalists love to pull questions is from the forums.


  1. Please only post questions, this isn't a conversation thread, and will only bury questions.
  2. Please read all posts beforehand as to not cause duplicates.

With enough respect and kindness, this could be used as a template for info that we get about Genesis!

I'll start just to help set the tone. 🙂

Question: What graphics technology is planned for PSO2 Genesis?

  • (RTX) Will we see Ray-Tracing Support?
  • (Old Content Boost) Will old content also be graphically upped?
  • (4K) Will we see uncompressed textures?

Again, please no quotes or replies to other people's questions, this will make it easier for questions to be seen and found.