Do something about these meseta sellers!

@Mystra4 To my knowledge, there's no way to trace buyers. There would need to be a thorough investigation into each individual player, to make sure that they didn't make a mistake.

Or, don't stay in the lobby all day and night and you don't have to see it.

When do you people actually play the game?


@Furious , i'm barely in the lobby and i'm sick of those spammers.
Since Gate area is the best location for taking daily orders (and even if you use other locations you still need to go to gate to turn them in) you can't really avoid them.
The irony is that premium users have it worse since they automatically get sent to the first few blocks who are infested by those meseta spammer.

I just report every single one anymore whether it does any good or not. I report them thru XBL and in game. Also they're not bots.

Can't ban the buyers, because the buyers are getting scammed. They're not receiving anything. Even the rates they tout for meseta are terrible. You'd get more from scratch tickets.

Make it a L30 requirement to use chat... we are in 2020, if people need help with the game then they can learn to use google.

@Sephlock The creator of that post is a mad lad. That's genius.

I think a chat cooldown for new accounts or temporary silence bans (1 minute for spamming too many times in a row, 5 minutes the next, and so on) is the only real solution.

they wont ban them because they make sega a lot of money with the cheap deals they set up just for the gold farmers