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Returnee status is for 30 days, and you get it for not logging in for 30 days iirc

Yikes, so I guess the people I recruited were between 7 and 30 days. Funny that while the population was on the decline prior to the NGS celebration campaign I happened to bring in two people who returned before it had started climbing again.

Once again if the game gave us this information it would have been quite helpful! Without any way to know this whole campaign was basically a crapshoot.

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It is against TOS for having multiple accounts? I thought it was just that you can't share your account with other people.

I thought it was both? Because the former could be used to get multiple copies of the Xbox Game Pass rewards (including 12 AC scratch tickets), various event and campaign rewards (sometimes also including AC scratch tickets) and so on. I'm sure I heard that came up in the early Open Beta days and was part of why they reworked the first inaugural Game Pass rewards.

Reviewing the TOS at a glance now, I can't see anything specifically saying one account per person. Maybe this part:

SEGA hereby grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited, fully revocable right and license to install, access and use one (1) copy of the Product solely and exclusively for your personal and non-commercial use.

"the Product" has multiple elements:

The products that are subject to this license are referred to in this license as the Game Software, Editors, Additional Content, Physical Materials and Key Code (each as defined below) and collectively as the “ Product ”.

And of that, the key code part:

the unique alpha-numeric sequence of numbers which is printed on the manual and/or other documents included with the Physical Materials or delivered to you electronically which when activated on a third-party platform enable you to redeem, access, download and use the Game Software (“ KEY CODE ”).

We don't need a key code to create an account, but one is created (that PNnumbers ID) when an account is.

Obviously the wide-reaching way this is defined, even having two installations of the game breaks the TOS which is hilarious because they required us to do that to link our accounts to Steam last month.

But maybe it is okay to have two accounts after all.

@GM-Bleed, @GM-Deynger and other GMs, can you confirm if we're allowed to have two accounts? If it is permissible I am making a secondary account today just to protect myself and my alliance from garbage campaigns like this in the future.