Did NGS catch you off guard?

I mean we all our ideas that there was going to be "something" for the new system, and we all new that with it's rising popularity a "new" game would be coming out. So it also feels safe to say we should be all caught up 100% by the time that NGS hits (At least with Episode 6). So far I like everything but the new character. Yes updated graphics but all the grind again... Not looking forward to hitting 95 with my main on all classes again. Oh well.

Catch me off guard on how this is implemented, was more expecting thing like PSO3.

They have mentioned not all classes will be available at start of NGS and who knows, the level cap there may not be 95

It certainly caught me with my pants down.

@HarmlessSyan said in Did NGS catch you off guard?:

They have mentioned not all classes will be available at start of NGS and who knows, the level cap there may not be 95

time for me to finally complain...i wanna play summoner guess thats one of those wich is not implement yet BUT it looks like phantom makes its ways along with hunter

Yeah, it was out of left field for me.

Yeah, I gotta be real. Completely blindsided. In fact, now that I've put more thought into it, this is less going from FFXIV 1.0 to A Realm Reborn, as it is going from FFXI to FFXIV. It really is a whole new game, but with big connectivity between them. Hella weird, never seen anything quite like it.

Yes updated graphics but all the grind again... Not looking forward to hitting 95 with my main on all classes again. Oh well.

I donno, I find that to be half the fun. Then again, I'm often an altoholic in MMOs, so maybe I'm a bad example.

Overall, I can't deny it's fairly exciting. I'm still not 100% down with Sega's monetization model on NA, and how they've been handling the NA community; and while I won't just kind of start ignoring those issues going forward, I'm a little more confident in investing time, money, and energy into PSO2 than I was a few days ago.

...I also hope they change the default MC look for NG though. He looks...really derpy, especially when standing next to the much better looking PSO2 Ash.

I've been predicting an expansion for some time, especially with Vita support ending. but I expected to see it JP side before NA. I also wasn't expecting a 1000 year skip.

Yeah not-Episode 7 didn't quite sound like a separate game. "Some kind of content refresh and visual overhaul" was in my mind for sure. My expectations were never really more precise than that because I'm fresh to PSO2 and without finishing the story quests just yet I only have educated guesses about how episode 3 ends and very little intel on what's in 4-6 (much of which sounds like it can't be right lol).

A fully new rendering engine? I hadn't expected it, but I can't say I'm bowled over. The push for parity between JP and NA makes more sense now. I'm not in a panic about lost content or cosmetics that won't work anymore. Yes we've only seen new outfits in the limited footage (that might include an unpolished UI), but that's not to say they can't just import prior models unchanged so they continue to exist but generally look worse so players are swayed into replacing them with better-looking content.

The only real likelihood is that new high-detail cosmetics will probably be labelled "-NG" the way weapons on JP are "-NT" to signify they won't work when we play OG content. If so and switching between the two is as easy as switching blocks (e.g. CM) or episode at the quest counter, then it'll probably work like loadouts and forcefully unequip NG cosmetics when we move to OG.

What does surprise me is the complete reset in NG. That opens up some considerable possibilities - Why is it needed? If we're still getting the 12 (13?) classes that presently exist, what makes this necessary? Are they significantly reworking the clases? Are they taking the chance to remove some classes that were contentious? And so on. It's too early to really have any expectation in this regard. But I do like the Phantasy Star significance of a 1,000 years gap.

The other question is if this is such a dramatic difference why they haven't just made it a new game. I think this is an easier one to answer and not too surprising given the series' history. Though it was a new continuity rather than a 1,000-year separation, the last time they tried to break away from a Phantasy Star Online title and get people invested with a fresh start they created Phantasy Star Universe and nobody cared. If this is to be a half-expansion-half-reset, they can have more hope of retaining their existing players.

I'm a little concerned how my existing characters will look in the new graphics. I've gotten used to them at this point. Also concerned about increased PC requirements. I mean I have a good PC (it surpasses Retail WoW's recommendations), I'm sure I'm fine, but I'm hyper paranoid about how hot my PC runs with ANY new program.

I expected a graphics upgrade, which yay, it will happen, but new game, not so much.

floored me, I had a plan to try and obtain a interview from SEGA for a video that ive been meaning to complete for sometime but maybe I can just let the non-response sit for what it is and take some new footage away from NG to complete it.