New Genesis Follow up video and NA webpage post

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I'm honestly done. This was in the works for a long time. They announced it well after NA release. Seems like they def planned to take advantage of us NA players being happy that we could finally see the game. I'm over 300 mil Mesetta in and all classes leveled and i'm just like, why the fuck play anymore until NG releases. Just feels like a burn to both JP and NA players.

Because there's still a lot of content left coming to NA? Because New Genesis is potentially a year and a half away? Because you'll be able to transfer a lot of stuff over to NGS? Because NGS isn't meant to replace or kill the base game and PSO2 will also receive a graphical upgrade among other upgrades to be compatible with NGS? Because SEGA has announced at least 5 more years of support for PSO2? I fail to see how this is a burn in any way.

Honestly I don't see the issue with the announcement of New Genesis so close to it's NA release.

Here's the thing, it's a free game, and honestly just like with any MMO expansion in like WoW etc, it's just fresh levels, quests, new equipment and so on. You've still got the cosmetics you've paid for, the emotes. Plus even then you're getting most equipment anyway although in a lesser format. Throw in the ability to swap between the two. So as a whole, it's no different from other MMO cycles so I think being upset over losing the hours you've put in is a bit off-key.

The only thing I can see that'd be a shame to lose on, is having it redesign your houses assuming this feature exists still as this will probably be the one thing that will take a bit to get back up again. That and anyone who actually seriously decided to buy into gear boosters such as affix slots, success increases etc. Which to be honest weren't worth paying out for if you ask me as this isn't exactly a serious game for end-game.

It will hit the wallets trying to gather as many cosmetics from SG and AC but at least we have the chance to get them.

I am mad hyped to sink into this on day 1 and the hours I've put into the base to get all these parts ready for it will pay off. 😄

well - pso2 will still exist after NG and on top of that we will keep our SG and AC - wich sounds to me as if we can still earn SG in the original PSO2 and can use said SG over in PSO2 NG as well - and we might have ways to earn other stuff through PSO2 as well...actually this sounds for people who asked for it and still wanted to continue playing the "old version" will get to play it

the connection between both games sounds suprisingly exciting - even more exciting than i could have imagined - and *if fashion does not carry over (they mentioned only house stuff doesn so thats still an open question) i bet there are ways to convert your fashion into new currency on NG wich you can then spend to get newly released fashion for NG

"allowing you to use characters created with PSO2: NGS's system within PSO2 as well. Naturally, ALL character creation info from PSO2 (including items linked to emotes and other previously registered data) will be compatible with PSO2: NGS!"

reading this tho it really does sound as if fashion carries over with a graphical update

@Snow Im On board but i have a feeling its 2 years of Content Support then a slow Fade with only seasonal Lobbies/Repeat events till the Population dwindles enough for them to shut down and move over to NGS Completely.

This is natural i suppose but it is a sun set

@JuggernautGTX Yes for five years. It's also getting graphical love, to bring it in line with Genesis. But only graphics, as game mechanics are from the ground up, and can't be backwards imported. There is an article in the news section of this very site. A very well written read.

@AndrlCh Apparently the Q/A reviewed that the moving fingers are only for PSO2:NG outfits. Base PSO2 outfits are still stuck with static hand models