Mining Base 4: Unable to move after cutscene

So I tried to activate an AIS near the end of the fight. Right as I confirmed the activation the boss died and I got the message that I couldn't do it because the quest ended. I forget but I don't think I closed the texbox myself before the cutscene started. Either way I was unable to move or act after the cutscene ended. Thankfully I could open the menu and abandon the mission back to the lobby, where I was able to move again. However I missed out on loot. I though I'd report this just in case. Don't risk activating an AIS after the interrupt, you might not get loot.

Same happened to me twice in the same day. I made a topic too! Also, it's not even limited to mining base 4. It happened to me in mining base 3 as well. Tried to get in a ais the moment the final wave was over and was stuck as well.