[Ship 2] Whales -- A highly sociable and active semi-casual endgame alliance [10:00 EST - 03:00 EST]

Very fun alliance to be in. The leader and officers work very hard to help keep you active by creating alliance "Campaigns", since there isn't much content in the game at the moment. The potential rewards from taking part in alliance campaigns are really incentivizing. It helps to have a rich leader and rich officers :v

As a whale I support this endeavor and or product.

More magatsu ;o alt textalt textalt textalt text

So yeah, planning on doing many more events down the line too (scriblo, anime night, guess the X, trivia, many other things, drawing, dancing emotes) ^^, these are just a few examples.

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Would recommend joining.

Been with the group for a while, generally lots of activity going on and players are friendly and knowledgeable. UQ triggers are a thing as well in case you want to farm up some excubes, etc.

If pubs groups give you a headache why not try out an active alliance?

So i was in this alliance before i joined whales with around 100 ppl or so, every morning the leader would say hello and greet everyone but no one else replied, only me, it was depressing to be in that alliance. A friend of mine then recommended me whales so i joined and what surprised me was that whales was small but very active. The community is friendly and gets along with each other very well ( ppl saying hello and goodnight to each other, etc. ), there's always alliance events happening and there's also a coalition with another alliance so there's no trouble forming mpa to do triggers or uq. All in all, i'll be sticking with whales for a long time to come.

Daily log o.o and bump (also now hosting several events, come check us out~) alt textalt textalt text


We're watching the PSO2 anime to get hyped for the patch!

joined whales after seeing hikari's post on the pso2 fleet discord and it turned out to be one of my best decisions made in this game. Whales is active, loads of fun events, mpas, helpful and friendly officers and members, wonderful admin etc.. Also recommended a friend to join this alliance and hes having a great time.

In mmos I usually find myself in large guilds where no one talks or does anything as a group, so it's a nice change of pace to be in one that is active. We run mpas for most urgent quests, and also group up for other things like ultimates or aqs, but without pressure or obligation to attend. The officers also run contests and other activities for anyone who is interested. It's a relaxed but engaging alliance.