[Ship 2] Whales -- A highly sociable and active semi-casual endgame alliance [10:00 EST - 03:00 EST]

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We are a recently formed as of July 23, alliance of 90 or so members with highly sociable members. Our mission is to have fun together as a group while playing the content game has to offer. We organize community and social events (contests, social nights, games), XH Urgent Quest parties, trigger parties and sometimes challenge quest/ultimate parties. We take pride in letting members be able to submit feedback, and all members are highly participative in group activities as well are very interactive people.

Our time zone is mostly 5 PM Eastern (2PM Pacific) to 2 AM Eastern but we do have members online during throughout the day. The alliance is led by Sonata Hikari (Uni#7906 on discord; former alliance leader of Ecchi Rank #3 on RCP). He has considerable leadership experience and our core members are a solid group of decent/friendly/knowledgeable players to play with. Our discord is organized and we have a union alliance with Benevolence to fill out potential MPA slots as well as to be able to share knowledge amongst a larger group of individuals. Our block is B-27, and we are a semi-casual group without any requirements but most of us are level 75/75 with decent gear.

If you would like to join a sociable group of players in voice chat/in-game and have a group to play with as well as participate in social events, feel free to contact either of us on discord. The hotlink is tiny.cc/whaless


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Alliance Meeting Notes 07/25

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I personally originally only joined the alliance initially so I could just get the buffs from the alliance tree as I was looking for more of an endgame focused alliance but to my surprise there ended up being a lot of active like minded members as well. For every urgent quest at the moment I would say we usually have at least 2 premade, 12 man mpas going with weekly scheduled triggers. Whether you're a casual looking to get into the end game or youre quite progressed already and looking to maintain that status in the upcoming future content this alliance would be a perfect fit for you, at the end of the day the most important thing and only requirement really is that you're at least active.

I've been floating between different alliances and I've never really found a place that I had much fun in.

But then I found this alliance. I've been having quite a bit of fun in it. Helping out runs, joining runs. It's been a lovely experience and it's definitely keeping my attention in the game while there isn't too much to do. PSO2 has been quite fun just because of the people here. There's a lot of genuinely friendly people here and it's a pretty organized alliance that actually hosts events (instead of just saying they do).

I'm pretty picky but I'm happy I found a nice place to be in and part of.

I have to say the same as well. For the most part; most of my experience when it comes to Phantasy Star has been offline. But since I started playing PSO2 a few weeks ago; I found and joined up with this alliance.

I joined this guild due to the large number of active players. It is very helpful for gathering materials within the guild MPAs. Aside from personal gain, the guild has a bunch of community events to help you get stronger and socialize with others. If you're looking for an ideal guild, I'd give Whales a shot.

I have only ever been in an alliance with my personal friends so joining one this big was a first for me. I was initially invited by Fox and I had no idea if it would be fun or not but now that I have joined I can definitely say that playing everyday is a blast. Everyone is fun to be around and having people carry me in mpas is great. Whales is a great alliance with nice people and great atmosphere. 10/10 would recommend.


Im a huge fan of guilds inside games the community and the people you meet come in different variety. I love being an active member of the guild. I have been playing pso2 since the jp release in 2012. I have played since then on and off for many years and can not be happier that i get to abuse the system in the NA version. Im normally willing to answer questing and help who needs it. lets go WHALES!

I always found it difficult to be part of clans/guilds as they would sometimes hardly include new members into activities or require 24/7 online presence (i.e. unreasonable requirements).

I found Whales to be a very human, balanced and fun alliance with very welcoming people in it. I don't participate to all activities because of life (mostly on & off urgent quest MPAs), but everytime I do decide to participate, I know I'll have fun with nice and very proficient players. The times I stopped by the Discord voice channels were simple light-hearted fun!

I joined because everyone shared very nice symbol arts after their meeting. Haven't had so many additions to my symbol art collection for a while. 10/10