Can no longer exchange Glory Badge 2020s

So I wasn't able to exchange all of my stockpiled Glory Badge 2020s from the July 4th event due to real life things preventing me from playing too much and now I have over 4k of them in my bank, but Xia is gone and I can no longer exchange them. What do I do? Will these badges be viable for exchange for future events? Or did I just waste all my time gathering them and now I have to toss all of them? Please Sega, this feels like a serious oversight to not at least make them exchangeable for a short while after the event.

@TippyImo You should have made plans to dump them all on rising weapons badges, because they (SEGA) gave you a date that it was going away. 4k badges was enough to get one of every item, and a hefty number of badges, if you weren't interested in getting multiples of those personal quarters items. They, as far as I know, have no use. They may have a use next year, but with New Genisis releasing, even that is an unknown.

Ooof, thats a big bummer. There really is nothing that can be done right now.

Keep them they will be tradable later on. When they put the past event npc in.

@animeregion depending on what kind of badges glory badge falls into. The yearly weapon badges 2017, 2018, 2019 etc, yes they will have NPC in later. If they are like specific event badges like the current 8th anniversary or last year's 7th anniversary badges - no, they are junked.

I was sick and unable to trade these in. I am just now back home and able to play again. Are these completely useless? I have tons of them and didn't get a chance to trade them in 😞

This is very upsetting if so.

Unfortunately, this is how events work in most games. Limited time to trade in the items. As someone mentioned earlier, they may rerun the event, but its up to you if you want to use the storage slot on them