Pietro quests, defeat a level 61 enemy with "pet type name" not working.

I have tried googling and searching the forums and I cannot find a resolution to this. I have tried asking the PSO2 discord community and they want proof of my issue, as if I was lying or something (I have better things to do than waste their time and yet they want to waste mine saying "picks or didn't happen" BS.). They wanted a stream for proof. That just took my frustrated to the max and I decided to leave that discord channel. So I am hoping to get some help here. The quest specifically says to defeat a level 61 enemy with the specific pet (in this case Wanda). So I take a level 1 wanda into one of the missions in the forest and defeat many 61+ enemies. Most of which are above level 61. I do not get the quest complete. I have recently tried to reset the quest, and it still doesn't work. I simply am not getting the quest clear when I defeat a level 61+ enemy with the pet I have out that Pietro says to use. I have been having this problem all week. Any insights would be appreciated.

I'm not so sure about it but I think level 1 pets can't do those missions, I need to first reach level 50 with summoner to confirm that but try doing it with a pet that is more close to the level of the enemies you need to kill

I have other similar quests for other pets. My other pets are over level 60 or max level. At times the quest completes without it alerting me (I find out by seeing the green icon on Pietro), or it doesn't complete at all. I have also tried just entering a mission with only the pet I am questing for and finishing it with an S rank without changing pets. It doesn't help. The problem is that either the NPC is not telling me every thing I need to know to where to specifically go or what specific type of mob to kill, or what level my pet needs to be. It just gives a vague quest description. Defeat a level 61 enemy with pet. Doesn't even say it can be higher than 61. Though I have been killing enemies that are 61, but most of the time they are higher. I also assume I need to kill the enemies in the forest area because if I filter the quests for that area, Pietro's are the ones that come up.

I leveled my wanda to over level 70, used him in a uq and got the quest complete. Still even if the pet level was the problem it doesn't explain why I have the same issues with my other pets who are max level (85) and their specific quests have the same problem. Edit: Note that the UQ I used wanda in had level 71+ enemies. If that was the trigger, then the quests or their description are bugged.

is not bugged I raised my Summoner to level 50 to have access to the super hard quests, the issue is that it only counts when you go in that difficulty or higher

I been going into the super hard difficulty (61+). If I do exactly what I am told and it doesn't work, then there is a problem in the code or in the description. If still, no one is understanding what I am saying or doesn't believe because for some reason they don't have this issue, then I will consider creating a video of the problem. Edit: I forgot to mention I am using the PSO Tweaker to install and launch the game. That should not have any thing to do with this though.

do that, because I replicated what you said with a Wanda level 1 and I was able to finish the quest when Wanda was not dead that happened a lot


edit: removed the vid now that i know my mistake

You defeat a bunch of level 61 enemy with Sally and the CO progress become 18/60. The CO is working perfectly fine to my eyes.

EDIT: CO = client order, just in case.

Wait, so i have to defeat 60 enemies? I was under the impression I only needed to defeat 1 level 61+ enemy

Now I see my mistake. I read the text "Defeat a..." meaning 1 and didn't even see the objective amount on the right. Thank you for correcting me on this. I'll learn to stop paying attention to their @#!? translation and descriptions and look for numbers on these quests lol

If I read a description of what I'm told to do and don't see any numbers, nor see any quest progress for a kill count, I don't think I was in the wrong or being stupid. Frankly someone in Sega, with competence needs to sit down and look at the game, it's translations and text description, business model, technical things, etc and recommend some changes.

not a single order has the number of enemies you need to kill in the description, is the same in JP server, the quantity you need to kill and which ones is always separated

@Richardaro ah I see. If you don't mind taking some time, reporting this in Suggestions/In-game Suggestions category may be helpful to them. I suppose they might even not aware that this Pietro's client message can be misleading.

It's January, and I was clueless as to how to complete these damn orders. The Yellow text says, "Defeat a level 61 enemy by attacking it with XXXX". The word A literally implies singular.

Glad I found this thread to figure out why the words "Defeat A level 61 enemy" means 60. Might help avoid confusion on further client orders to.