Question about Motivation

Ok, having lurked for a while, I've been wondering: what motivates other people to play this game?

No, seriously, what is your motivation? For me, I've loved this series since my first exposure to Phantasy Star 2 back on the Sega Channel, and I find the gameplay fun. I enjoy the visuals, most of the music, and the general experience of the game (force-feeding of Matoi in ep. 3 notwithstanding).

So I wonder: is this unusual? Because I keep hearing about grinding this and repeating the same few activities over and over again "Towards The Future" style because of the efficiency in gaining XP, rare drops, and/or meseta. Is just grinding the same activities over and over what others find fun?

Does no one just go to the Seabed, Daybreak Province, or Floating Continent just for the atmosphere? Or take a bit of joy in introducing others (and helping them stay awake during Jan's snoozefest for XP) to the game?

So, back to the question: what motivates you to play?

I love to grind, always have since I started playing PC games. I've played just about every ARPG I could get my hands on.

Does PSO2 has grinding? Check!

One of the few things that really stood out to me in FFXIV was that I could be any class I wanted on the same character, just by swapping weapons. I didn't have to make an alt if I didn't want to, but the option was there if I did. Even better.

Does PSO2 feature class swapping on the same character? Check!

One of my favorite MMO's of old is Anarchy Online. Sure, it's old and barely a standing skeleton at this point. But back in the day, it was the only Sci-fi'ish / space themed MMO to play. I couldn't be bothered to play it any more, but it had tech, aliens, invasions and... well, that's about it. There were some good ideas but most of them were never really fleshed out.

Does PSO2 have Sci-fi/space theme? Check!

One thing I really enjoy about MMO's is socializing through in-game chat. I am not much of a role player but I love to hang out, chat, ask and answer questions, share stories, etc.

Does PSO2 have social areas in-game, including social activities and events? Check! Mostly... I guess this is one of those cases where it is what you make of it?

I love gathering in most MMO's I play. I usually save this activity until last because I find the repetitiveness of it puts me to sleep, depending on the game. This is when I get to take in the views and enjoy strolling through a map relatively free of danger. I like to collect and explore everything. It's one of the reasons I often alpha/beta test games! I thoroughly enjoy it.

At the end of the day though, there's a few things that really keep me devoted to a game longer than others:

  • A good dev team that listens to their player community.
  • Community managers that not only listen but get involved in discussions.
  • An active community filled with positive, helpful and friendly players (Warframe really comes to mind at this point, one of the best communities ever).
  • it has to have a good grind when I'm not raiding or helping others.

I really enjoy helping others too, especially new players. That's the whole reason I created an alliance instead of joining one. In PSO2, I wanted to make sure that I was part of an alliance that was going to remain new player friendly and willing to help others.

I used to love making maps, charts, lists and writing guides. This game seems like a good place to get back into that. I really enjoy it.

I feel like I am rambling so I am going to stop for now. lol

It's fine to ramble sometimes about things you enjoy 😉

General fan of the series though not as way back as some. Got into the series with its portable titles on PSP. Played all 3 PSPo, PSPo2, PSPo2i - though only single player.

Played JP PSO2 on and off for many years - I still find the combat to be one of the better ones (camera work can be better). I like the character creation and fashion in PSO2 - collabs with many other works (other games, anime, etc), and it's a game that can be enjoyed even as a f2p at least on JP servers. I'm not completely f2p player, I have spent money for QoL stuff like more inventory and more mags, but never really been forced to pay.