Avast Antiviruse Nukes Pso2

So today I try to make a backup copy PSO2 and load behold everything was fine and was about to start until avast decided to put a file into its virus chest. On my main hard drive the game was excluded mainly because on download yes avast was being a Karen and on the download was already dumping into its virus chest so I excluded it and restarted and the game downloaded and patch 2 no issues. Unfortunately, the backup wasn't so lucky even after the exclude the file it put in virus chest was either has become corrupt or deleted yeah fun times. So i went back to the main copy and apparently PSO2 did some minor update will avast did mot like that so it decided to put pso2 into its virus chest even after restoring the file and excluding it the file is worthless cause of avast and have to redo it all over again. save your self a lot of trouble if you have Avast exclude the game and its entire path after install and before you play the game same with back up

nothing new, Avast is not the best anti-virus to use when you decide to put games on your machine, just add PSO2 directory in the exceptions and Avast will ignore anything that happens there and will stop nuking the downloads

I'm just giving people a heads up turn off avast before installing and excluded the entire path and game before playing it otherwise its a nightmare most games when something goes into the virus chest and you say exclude & return quarantine files the game will work however PSO2 will not file will become corrupt or just not work leaving you a 68 GB paperweight patch 2 will never work this is one of the rare games avast nukes to where its unrecoverable on games like black desert and overwatch etc the games are always recoverable from the virus chest and playable. It's not that avast sucks it that it's too overprotective like an older brother protecting its sister's virtue with a shotgun