Character Creation question

So I've noticed a few characters around that have well, huge tracts of land if you get my meaning. My character's chest size is pretty much maxed, yet I swear I'm seeing characters shorter than me with larger gazongas than what is pretty much a full grown adult with the chest slider at max. I've been messing with all the sliders just trying to figure it out and nothing seems to work. Can anyone explain this?

It might have something to do with the torso/leg proportion sliders? A character with a larger torso would probably have a bigger bust.

It's possible that the races have different proportion ranges too, but idk. It's also possible that shorter chars don't have proportionally smaller chests so their chests look larger just because it's on a smaller body.

There's an accessory in pso2 that is just a huge set of boobs too, but I don't think that's in PSO2 NA yet.

Chest size does not change proportionately with height, so a character at min height and one at max height will have the same sized chest, but it will appear larger on the shorter character because of the smaller body size.

I had a feeling this was the case, thanks.

well I have one of those characters with small height and big chest and yes being small makes the bust look bigger even through is not bigger than a character with higher size