Hey, this suggestion, as the title suggests, is for the idea to implement an in-game marketplace, similar to "My Shop" in which players can exchange Meseta for AC. I'm basing how I think this should work off the models of multiple past games I feel have done it very well and subsequently made a lot of money from it.

How would this work?

AC Sell Order:

A player with AC (and access to sell items if need be) can place their AC on the market as a sell order. The player puts their price per unit of AC, the amount of AC to be sold and their price in Meseta, a Meseta tax is then calculated identically to the item market. (a dumb spitball example, 100 Meseta > 1 AC). This AC becomes reserved to the market and cannot be spent by the selling player unless they remove the listing. If the listing is removed after some but not all of the listed AC is sold, the remaining AC is returned to normal use. A player who wants AC looks up the current market and buys up units of AC with their Meseta. The buying player instantly receives any AC bought. The selling player receives market taxed Meseta in their sales log to be withdrawn when they are ready to.

If there are multiple people listing AC with the same price, the earliest entries at that price sell first until there are no more transactions required to fulfil the order.

For example, 3 players list AC at 100 Meseta per unit of AC.

  • Earliest entry has 124 AC remaining.
  • The next entry has 1000 AC remaining.
  • The third entry also has 1000 AC remaining.
  • Someone enters to buy 2000 AC at the listed price from the M<>AC market.
  • The first two entries are depleted and the third entry sells 876 units of AC to make a 2000 AC transaction total.

AC Buy Order:

A player who wants AC places an offer to buy with their Meseta offer per unit in the listing and a maximum amount of AC to be received before the listing is removed. (eg, I offer to buy up to 1000 AC at 96 Meseta per 1 AC) The necessary Meseta to completely fulfil the buy order would be reserved into the market and cannot be spent by the buying player unless they remove the listing. If the listing is removed and some but not all of the listed Meseta is used, the remaining Meseta is returned to the wallet of the current character in use. Players who want Meseta look up the current market and quick sell their AC for Meseta Both players in this case can immediately receive their respective currencies, since AC is tied to the account and not characters, and the quick sell can be treated like selling items to the NPC shop.

The example used in the AC Sell Order section would work identically inverse, where the listings are depleted in blocks of Meseta until a transaction is completed.

In both cases, the listing would simply show the lowest price for their respective exchange and how many units are available at that given price as a total between all users offering the same price.

The buy and sell order markets will have slightly different pries, which drives a dynamic market which runs on player perceived value for currencies and responses to when players try to get what they want more quickly.

What does this solve?

There would be a great benefit to the player community overall, people who cannot afford AC would have an avenue of earning it in-game without taking away from the generated game funding (The AC has to come from somewhere and isn't just being given away). In relation to this is the third party sales of Meseta.

As we already know, there is a massive problem with Meseta selling bots and third party websites which have unlimited free accounts to spam lobby chats with, and by the fact they are still around, one can deduce that people are buying from them, or they wouldn't have a need to exist. Cut off the need for these bots to exist, it cuts their funding, they don't spend money on the compute power to run the game 100 times and spam lobby chats!

Why should Sega bother? What benefit does this give to them?

It's simple, all the money that was going to bots spamming their lobby chats and putting players off goes directly to Sega instead, because people are instead buying AC from Sega, and selling it to an in-game player market for their Meseta instead. The lack of spam bots will draw more people back into the game, those players could be potential buyers of AC, or could indirectly draw in revenue by participating in the M<>AC market to get their AC from other players. A healthier, happier player base with just one additional reason someone might buy the game's premium currency, but one which isn't hyper-predatory.


Create a market in which players can exchange Meseta for AC directly in-game to solve problems of both bots and people who feel left out when they can't afford to spend real money.

I just kinda just facerolled this post together, let me know your thoughts on this, how can it be expanded on.

If I can get a good and healthy discussion of this idea together, I'll keep updating this and credit the people who's ideas i highlight in this post. Let's see if we can make this happen, and make it be good at the same time. Let's get noticed by Sega, and have the moderators email in saying "the players are giving ideas on how to make more money, let's listen in!"