UI Scaling Reorganization

I do feel there's been some confusion in regards to what the UI Scaling Options entail and these could maybe be made a bit clearer by re-labelling the UI Scaling Options.

To give a rundown, PSO2's UI defaults to the reference resolution of the size it was created for (1280x720) which makes the HUD appear small on devices with a larger resolution. The maximum scale the UI can go on any display is the size it was originally designed for. The result? In terms of physical space, "Middle" on a HD TV and "4K - Large" on a 4K are the same, what actually changes on a 4K display is just how small the HUD can go. The fact that the game defaults to the smallest option (which can have different sizes if you are playing on a HD or 4K TV) and the way the HUD options are labelled has been a source of minor confusion (and in some cases, even misinformation) amongst several people wishing to try out the game.

My suggestions as such are as follows:

  • Make the game default to its largest UI size available by default. This also doubles as an accessibility consideration as the game's HUD when set to "Small" can be unreadable to some players, making it difficult to find their way to the UI Scaling menu to resize it.

  • On a HD display PSO2 PC features three scaling options (Default, 1.25x, 1.5x). Im assuming on Xbox One, "Small" is equivalent to 1.25x and "Middle" is equivalent to "1.5x. Given that 4K has the three "Small", "Middle" and "Large" scaling options, it would be nice if for the sake of consistency (and more options for HD displays) the full "Default", "1.25x" and "1.5x" were available on HD displays as "Small", "Middle" and "Large", bringing the total amount of Scaling Options to six instead of five.

  • It would be nice if the Scaling Option menu were a slider instead of a drop down selectable option. The slider could always be one based on preset positions (three for HD, six for 4K).

To add to this. Barring a way to scale UI elements independently, there Really needs to be a "Large" option for the UI even on non 4K TVs. I don't know what kind of monster screens some folks are rocking, but on a standard 32" 1080p Screen, the UI is FAR too small to comfortably read from the couch. I have to stream it to my PC just to use the UI without a headache.

I made the original suggestion based on my understanding of how the game works, I do not wish to discourage you @Spyder-ZT but the maximum UI size is the size the UI had been designed for and had been that way for years. Over here is a screenshot of the game's PC version:


Unlike most games which (usually) favour the UI maintaining the same physical space (the UI size doesn't change no matter the rendering resolution), PSO2's UI prefers to maintain pixel space; its UI was designed for 1280x720 and as a result it will get smaller as you increase the rendering resolution:


That's where the UI scaling options come in:

PC version (Japanese):


Xbox One (NA):


Which basically goes back to my original suggestion... have the game favour maintaining "physical screen space" by having the default option be the maximum resolution available. Cause if we look at the physical space occupied by the UI:


This 'native' UI size (its not designed to be any bigger than this) which on my 1920x1080 screen is the "1.5" scale option is the same as:

  • "Middle" scale on a HD TV.
  • "4k - Large" on a 4K TV.

By extension this does mean that "Small" on a HD TV is actually bigger compared to what "Small" is on a 4K TV.

Heh, I understand that this is the way is has been in that past. But as they are showing a willingness to include proper 4K Support, I'm asking for consideration in the other direction as well. That's why I'm appending it to this suggestion. 😜 But if you think it would be better to have it's own thread, that's easy enough too.

Generally speaking, I favor games that allow you to scale the UI as big or a small as you'd like, instead of "Fixing" specific sizes as options. I'm suggesting that instead of simply maintaining screen space, allow players the option to have a UI that is both larger and smaller than "Designed" (This is not uncommon in other similar titles). In a perfect world, you could scale and move each element independently... but that is over the top and not what I'm asking for. 😜

Oh nono, you can keep it in this thread if you want! Just wanted to explain some bits is all, just a force of habit on my end! 😛

Ironically I have both a counter argument and something that does support your claim heh. xD

On on hand... 4K support wouldn't exactly be something that would have been hard to add. "Officially" PSO2 JP never supported 4K, but by going to the configuration you could modify it to scale your UI properly to the 4K screen. On the other hand... for this very reason you are able to scale your UI way past what it was originally designed by this method!

That said, the only argument Sega might have is the fact that each game handles its UI differently. In this case, while its certainly possible to scale it past the UI's physical native resolution, its not something that would look pretty... and in some cases cause weird things to happen with the UI such as overflowing text, elements held together by layering tricks breaking apart, lots of various things. Keep in mind that PSO2 is not only a 7 year old game (who's code dates back to 2008) but (lesser known fact) its code is a huge mess that you could say is 'barely held together'.