The Rappy Egg problem, and a solution.

So, how many of you half kill yourself with the notorious egg grind every PSO2? I've often stated and pointed out the fact that one of PS greatest issues, not just pso2..but the entire franchise in general has always been built from the ground up based on multiple layers of RNG.

Rappy Eggs for instance, we all know you can only get them on pso2 day, from specific rappies with an extremely rare drop-rate....yet, I've seen alliance members get multiple drops in the same day, whilst others are literally resorting to literally dangerous and unhealthy levels of playing the entire pso2 day in the very slight hopes of a drop, then ultimately getting disappointed or outright angry when they don't.

I know that probably in August that 13* eggs are probably going to be tradable then, lets face another fact - these eggs will become super expensive immediately, which again, for a lot of players could be immediately priced so high they could never afford them so I came up with an alternative solution.

How about on PSO2, you add the option in the swap shop to exchange Arks Layer Rappy Suit for a rappy egg of 'lower' quality, say 10* egg for instance, that would still keep the 13* valid and desirable and would solve this problem.

They will add Rappy Eggs to the collection folder like in JP at some point no doubt.